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n. (plural of mime English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: mime)

Usage examples of "mimes".

Ermaulde, becoming aware of the activity, turned, and the mimes capered away, to dance for five seconds with furious energy, like maenads, before they once again flung themselves down beside Ivanello.

From his right ear, on three inches of chain, dangled a milk-opal sphere almost an inch in diameter: a gem which fascinated the three mimes to the edge of entrancement.

The mimes came to watch in wonder, and it became a topic of general discussion as to whether or not they heard the music, or even grasped the meaning of Ivanello's activities.

He put down his lute and began to toy with the mimes, whom, as before, he had hypnotized with his music.

The three mimes jumped to their feet and strutted behind her, cheeks puffed out, elbows outspread, bellies thrust forward and knees jerking high.

He looked around for the mimes, half-wishing that they would return and enliven the tedium, but they were engaged in a new and amusing game, tossing small objects down at the farlocks, which, when so struck, whisked high their tails.

The mimes continued their game, which the teamsters and even the passengers also seemed to enjoy.

The mimes performed a crazy gesticulation and tossed down an empty pouch, then went off to rest.

He cited the frivolous conduct of the mimes and complained of the losses he had suffered.

They’d been running scared, one jump ahead of the Mimes, for the past three days.

The Mimes moved slowly, frequently fighting an invisible wind or trying to feel their way around intangible buildings, but they were remorseless.

All they were aware of was the spread of intrusive vegetation, an annoying and sometimes dangerous plague that followed the Festival as closely as did the Mimes and other beings of the Fringe.

I'll even watch your stupid mimes, and I won't pick my nose to distract them while I'm doing it.

Presumably Etzilios also had the priests and the mimes and the racehorses Maniakes had brought up from Videssos the city.

The men from Videssos the city cursed to hear what had happened to the imperial camp, the priests, the mimes, and the gold.