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vb. (en-past of: mime)

Usage examples of "mimed".

Lockhart drew the pistol and Sharpe turned to Ahmed and mimed the actions of loading the musket.

He gave the reins to Ahmed and mimed that the boy should rub the grey mare down with straw and then water her.

Tim did one of his mimed explanations, which was passed back through the ship to those waiting for a response.

Cofflin mimed a wound on his leg, and binding it up, then pointed to his companion.

She pushed salt and pepper shakers into a circle and mimed squinting through them.

Before the woman who had first showed him how to use the spear-thrower, he mimed how he had hurled the spear, how it had flexed and leapt, how it had flown to its precise target.

He leapt out from behind his invisible rock and mimed hurling his triumphant spear once more.

Struggling to express herself, her plump belly wobbling, she mimed stabbing, strangling.