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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Millimeter \Mil"li*me`ter\, Millimetre \Mil"li*me`tre\, n. [F. millim[`e]tre; milli- milli- + m[`e]tre. See 3d Meter.] A lineal measure in the metric system, containing the thousandth part of a meter; equal to .03937 of an inch. See 3d Meter.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also millimetre, 1802, from French millimetre; see milli- + meter (n.2).


n. (alternative spelling of millimetre from=US English)


n. a metric unit of length equal to one thousandth of a meter [syn: millimetre, mm]

Usage examples of "millimeter".

Much of the pollution was aeroplankton shells ballooning on their cubic millimeters of hydrogen.

The grains of rice must be three millimeters long, like the arborio rice you use in risotto.

In front of me, in the rear of the store, was the screen, what looked like a white-painted sheet of beaverboard, and when over my shoulder I saw the battered sixteen millimeter projector I began to think that even a dime was no bargain.

Nemes triggers an internal source that activates a biomorphic field within point-eight millimeters of her body.

The jet ballooned, probably only a few millimeters, but failed to touch again until it was halfway down the lakeward side.

It had to be done millimeter by millimeter, millimicron by millimicron, so that all the necessary structures were properly exposed and accessible for precise alignment.

Because we know the power of the beam and the area of the beam, we can easily calculate the power per unit area in the beam: 1 milliwatt divided by 1 millimeter times 1 millimeter .

With formalities smoothed by the mention of Herbie Mossman, he had bought himself the usual Yasha 7 plus the backup of a nine millimeter automatic and, as an afterthought, a shoulder holster.

General Jackson carried a Lefaucheux Brevete pinfire revolver, twelve millimeters, which translates to roughly forty-five calibers.

He just stares at the first four pitches, all millimeters off the plate, and walks down to first base.

If the Handler was to he believed, the local computing nodes in each star system were only millimeters wide, and they communicated with the others, light years away, with pulses so weak, so tightly aimed, so unpredictable in wavelength, and so ingeniously encoded that a thousand interstellar civilizations had come and gone without noticing their presence.

Toward the top of the picture, a collection of spikelike shadows stretched several millimeters.

Small craft were now truly small, fullerene constructions no bigger than a few millimeters across when furled, built by even smaller machines and powered by exotic transuranium batteries.

She was beautiful and blind in a wonderful way, for she could see in the infrared only, from 7,500 angstroms to one millimeter wavelengths.

She was strangely and wonderfully blind, for she could see in the infrared only, from 7,500 angstroms to one millimeter wave lengths, far below the normal visible spectrum.