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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ He examines why certain individuals can not easily accept the ways of thinking and behaving that their social milieu thrusts upon them.
▪ Also, Tish often felt intimidated in the social milieu that she found herself thrust into at such a young age.
▪ Dialogue springs with life from the page, and the social and political milieu of a vanished age is brilliantly realised.
▪ The Grotonian reflected not only the school itself but the social milieu that sent its sons there.
▪ The area provides a social milieu that reinforces that awareness.
▪ Lester lives and works in an academic milieu.
▪ And in fact, the isolation and weakness of the radical milieu put a premium upon commitment to an unqualified Utopia.
▪ In such cases, neighbourhood rather than milieu may have brought people together.
▪ None of his eighteen novels takes place in a Catholic milieu.
▪ Our specific role in the political milieu is to upset the apple cart, which is precisely what happened in Florida.
▪ The Grotonian reflected not only the school itself but the social milieu that sent its sons there.
▪ Up until the civil rights movement of the 1960s, they tended to marry only those from their own class and milieu.
▪ Will seems to thrive in the hard-driving, mind-altering milieu of rock and soul.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Milieu \Mi`lieu"\ (m[-e]*ly[~e]"), n. [F., fr. mi middle (L. medius) + lieu place. See Demi-, Lieu.] Environment.

The intellectual and moral milieu created by multitudes of self-centered, cultivated personalities.
--J. A. Symonds.

It is one of the great outstanding facts of his progressive relation to the elements of his social milieu.
--J. M. Baldwin.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"surroundings," 1877, from French milieu, "middle, medium, mean," literally "middle place" (12c.), from mi "middle" (from Latin medius; see medial (adj.)) + lieu "place" (see lieu).


n. 1 medium 2 a person's social setting or environment

  1. n. the environmental condition [syn: surroundings]

  2. [also: milieux (pl)]


Milieu is a social environment. The term may also refer to:

Milieu (organized crime in France)

The Milieu is a category of organized criminals operating in France. Today, these groups are quite often not ethnically French. Criminal groups associated with the Milieu work in every major city in France, but are mostly concentrated in Marseille, Grenoble, Paris, and Lyon.

Usage examples of "milieu".

Saint Basile veut que le milieu de la nuit soit pour le solitaire ce que le matin est pour les autres, afin de profiter du silence de la nature.

Miss Kistemaeckers noticed that the cloaca of all three animals was very sore, and she writes that fertilisation of the ova of Andrias Scheuchzeri seems to take place not by copulation, nor even spawning, but by what she called the sexual milieu.

Immobiles troufieaux ou notre clocher gris Semble un patre au milieu de ses blanches brebis, Jai pense que, malgre notre angoisse et nos peines, Sous ces toits paternels il existait des haines, Et que des murs plus forts que ces murs mitoyens Separent ici-bas les coeurs des citoyens.

I know every sentient race in our Milieu six million years into the future, coadunate and non.

After winding through a dizzying series of turns and twists he stepped into a cozier milieu where child whores of both sexes dressed in filmy short robes displayed themselves to men with a shared patina of wealth and power.

Un chevalier parfait est un agneau avec les dames, et un lion au milieu des lances.

SEVERAL times in the course of this narrative I have hinted at an idea corresponding to the above French heading, and now feel it incumbent upon me to devote a whole chapter to that idea, which was one of the most ruinous, lying notions which ever became engrafted upon my life by my upbringing and social milieu.

Gringoire vivait de nos jours, quel beau milieu il tiendrait entre le classique et le romantique!

Mr Emmett, Mary did not covet his lifestyle nor wish to be included in his milieu as a first rater, even if such a lofty ascent had been possible.

What kind of care could people come to expect from doctors who were forced to work in the current malpractice milieu and who had to restrain their best instincts and second-guess their every step?

Et ils songent tous deux a la soupe aux choux qui fume dans la marmite pendue a la cremaillere, au milieu de la grande cheminee.

Tout a coup un fracas de verrerie lui fit brusquement tourner la tete pour voir qui venait de renverser cette verrerie, et il apercut au milieu de la chambre, se tenant sur la pointe des pieds sans oser avancer ou reculer, son ancien professeur Crozat.

Barizel et de sa fille telle que je la demele au milieu de tous les renseignements, souvent contradictoires, que je suis parvenu a reunir depuis que je suis ici.

She wondered if Trux was fucking the blond Belgian boy but decided no, dope and boys had never been his milieu, she would have heard something.

He was also Unattached, on call to help out in any milieu, and had worked with the American before.