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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Milch \Milch\, a. [OE. milche; akin to G. melk, Icel. milkr, mj[=o]lkr, and to E. milk. See Milk.]

  1. Giving milk; -- now applied only to beasts. ``Milch camels.''
    --Gen. xxxii. ``Milch kine.''

  2. Tender; pitiful; weeping. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"giving milk," from Old English -milce "milking," from West Germanic *melik- "milk" (see milk (n)).


a. 1 (context dated English) Giving milk 2 (context obsolete English) Tender; pitiful; weeping.


adj. giving milk; bred or suitable primarily for milk production; "milch goats, milch camels"


Milch is the German word for milk. It is also the name of the following individuals:

  • Al Milch, American football coach
  • Ella Milch-Sheriff, Israeli composer
  • David Milch, American television writer and producer
  • Erhard Milch, German commander of the Luftwaffe during World War II
  • Klara Milch, Austrian swimmer and Olympic medallist
  • Werner Milch, German paratroop officer in World War II

Usage examples of "milch".

The milch cows, to the number of several hundreds, are generally kept here from the beginning of June to the middle of August, when they are replaced by the yeld cattle.

When fed to milch cows, some meal added, carbonaceous in character, as corn or non-saccharine sorghum seed, may prove a paying investment, and it may also be advisable to alternate the green alfalfa, morning or evening, with such other green crops as oats and peas, millet, rape, corn or sorghum when in season, to provide variety.

Schale frische Milch hingestellt hat und von allem das Beste, habe ich ihr die Probe stets erspart.

If Milch was looking for complaints, there was every reason to think that his inspection visit to KG 30, the Adler-Geschwader, at Gilze-Rijen and Eindhoven airfields in the Netherlands, delighted him.

But now she began to perceive that her father was to be regarded as a milch cow, and that she was to be the dairy-maid.

The departing Axmen roam about peering at, poking, and buying Blankets, Kettles, Milch Cows, Grindstones, anything Mo McClean thinks he may sell to lighten the load, before the Mountains, no offer too insulting.

You don't understand, woman, even as we stand here talking, our Allies are rolling forward, eating up the German lines What I understand is that the milch cow has to be fed, and the cellars have to be mucked ouC While history passes me by, the comte capitulated ungraciously, and went muttering down to the cellar.

The Majowsky was the meeting place of former airmen, such as the stunt flier Udet and the later Air Marshal Erhard Milch, who often bought us poor lieutenants a drink.

Ewes provided most of the dairy products for Barca's Hamlet, but Garric knew the quantity that a good milch cow gave.

But the nearest thing to this beast hed ever met was an elderly milch cow.

But the nearest thing to this beast he'd ever met was an elderly milch cow.

The kid whacked the milch cow's tawny rump with his stick as he shook his head and explained.

They had hens at Rhydycroesau, and their own good milch cow, fed through the winter.

Thou shalt have in payment for him six thousand milch cows, also a two-horsed chariot with its horses, the best to be had in Connaught, and at the end of a year as much again shall be thine.

In addition to the shaggy-bulls, the herd had been increased by two orange-and-white milch cows&mdash.