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Mikun (; ) is a town in Ust-Vymsky District of the Komi Republic, Russia, located north of Syktyvkar. Population:

Mikun (disambiguation)

Mikun is a town in the Komi Republic, Russia.

Mikun may also refer to:

  • Mikun Urban Settlement, a municipal formation which Mikun Town of District Significance Administrative Territory in Knyazhpogostsky District of the Komi Republic, Russia is incorporated as
  • Mikun (inhabited locality), several inhabited localities in Russia
  • Mikŭn dong, McCune–Reischauer romanization of Migeun-dong, a neighborhood of Seul, South Korea
  • Mīkun, a cyborg cat from the Cyborg Kuro-chan manga series
  • Mi-kun, a toy-like support mecha from Ground Defense Force! Mao-chan comedy anime
  • Mi-kun, Doctor Zero's pet cat from the Space Pirate Captain Harlock manga series
  • Mi-kun, Dr. Sado's pet cat from Space Battleship Yamato anime series
Mikun (inhabited locality)

Mikun is the name of several inhabited localities in Ust-Vymsky District of the Komi Republic, Russia.

Urban localities
  • Mikun, a town
Rural localities
  • Mikun (rural locality), a village in Aykino Selo Administrative Territory