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Mikey may refer to:

  • MIKEY, a key management protocol
  • Mikey Way, a bassist, formerly of the band My Chemical Romance
  • Mikey (film), 1992 horror film
  • Little Mikey, fictional character in a commercial for Life cereal
  • Mikey Simon, main character of the television series Kappa Mikey
  • Mikeyy, a computer worm
  • A nickname for Michael
  • An alien in the movie Men in Black
Mikey (film)

Mikey is a 1992 horror- thriller film directed by Dennis Dimster and starring Brian Bonsall. The film centers on the character of Mikey, a young boy who is adopted by a family after his previous adoptive family dies. Rather than the darling child they expected, however, Mikey turns out to be a violent psychopath and a budding serial killer.

Mikey (singer)

Mikey (Cho Myung-ik) ( Hangul: 마이키 ; Hanja: 趙明翼; born 30 Jan 1980) is a member of a popular South Korean band Turbo.