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Mikel is the Basque adaptation of the given name Michael. Notable people with the name include:

Usage examples of "mikel".

Mikel had evidently met Ollia Bekke already, and plied her with questions about how one became a Warrior Mage.

Glancing over at Ollia Bekke, she realized for the first time that what applied to herself must also apply to Mikel.

Mikel faltered in his playing, the felt-tipped hammers striking any whichway on the dulcimer strings.

Mikel understood how the economy fit together, and that the wheat harvest in Brogdenguard could affect not only the price of bread at Wyte Lynn Castle but also something so seemingly unrelated as the production of leather in Cantrashir.

Mikel, who thanks to his father and Falundir knew poetry when he heard it, had no expectation of hearing anything resembling it from Stene Dombur.

She smiled at him again, his favorite smile that wanned and teased and loved him not just because he was her son, but because he was Mikel.

Mikel Murga, a good Basque friend in Spain, for his transliterations of Euskera to English and for his insights into what it means to be Basque.

Mikel kicked open the door, smashing the lock with his bootheel, in time to see their fleeing backs.

Mikel, until his Wards were un-Worked, was a guest, but nobody was trying to impress him.

Mikel Murga, clipboard in hand, observed a grim-faced sergeant questioning the young occupants of a stopped pickup truck.

Leah Brahms and Mikel Gordonez were respected scientists, known to everyone on the planet as the landlords of Outpost Seran-T-One.

Several years ago, Coren remembered, Alda Mikels and a few others invited Rega Looms to join a business consortium which seemed to Looms at the margins of legality--gray market at least, if not black market.

After Alda Mikels received his sentence, Towne campaigned for the position of chairman, but it was given by the board reluctantly, and with the proviso that it was temporary, ending upon Mikels’ release.

Towne might have to pull another magic trick to keep the company from devouring itself in a proxy war if he decides to fight Mikels.