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Usage examples of "miin".

Huu hoped she would choose to continue service, because she got along well with Miin, was helpful with Scevo, and was always pleasant.

The wives focused especially on Miin, and that renewed Huu's nervousness.

She went about her work with greater cheer, and that had a beneficial effect on the family, for Miin and Scevo really liked her.

At such time as age forced Ana to retire from display dancing, Miin would be ready to take her place.

You even knew, Liriil that the piiyi contained evidence of the probability of the sui vival of Kaarlye and Miin of the Nyaarya clan, Maati's an' Aari's parents.

Then they rolled out to interact again with her siblings, Miin, Maan, Muun, and Meen.