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vb. (context archaic English) (en-archaic second-person singular of might English)

Usage examples of "mightst".

Nature mixed their breath With neck-twined arms, as oft we watched them there: And did these die that thou mightst bear me Death?

Rich July has many a sky With splendour dim, that thou mightst hymn, And make rejoice with thy wondrous voice, And the thrill of thy wild pervading tone!

I have taken upon me this toil and endeavor to have thee knighted with honor that thou mightst fight the Dauphiny knight.

I owe the freedom of these hands, which thou mightst have loaded with fetters, I would show thee that, unarmed as I am, compulsion would be no easy task.

Now, speaking conjecturally, we think thou mightst find in that camp some cavalier who, for the love of truth and his own augmentation of honour, will do battle with this same traitor of Montserrat.

Thy figurin' books might ha' tould thee better nor that, I should think, else thee mightst as well read the commin print, as Seth allays does.