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contraction might not

Usage examples of "mightn't".

Ti told us, you mightn't be real people either and you wouldn't know it.

They kept their eyes on the path, which mightn't be too stable, ignoring what could be noticed along the periphery of their vision.

Frankly, there were a couple of times I wasn't too sure you mightn't be going into fatal convulsions.

That and another incident made me realize that you mightn't be quite the innocent young thing you seemed to be.

They mightn't think you'd show great tact in having her about the place.

We'll let it alone for to-day, because of course we don't want to go by that town yonder in daylight -- it mightn't be healthy.

He hasn't had any too much time -- and besides he mightn't a got the letter at all, you know.

He hasn't had any too much timeā€”and besides he mightn't 'a' got the letter at all, you know.

He mightn't ever see you -- and if he did, maybe he'd never think anything.

My friend, you'll help me in this thing -- for MY sake -- that's why you're here -- I mightn't be able alone.