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a. (obsolete spelling of mighty English)

Usage examples of "mightie".

Nigh his wits end then woxe th'amazed knight,And thought his labour lost and trauell vaine,Against this lifelesse shadow so to fight:Yet life he saw, and felt his mightie maine,That whiles he marueild still, did still him paine:For thy he gan some other wayes aduize,How to take life from that dead-liuing swaine,Whom still he marked freshly to arizeFrom th'earth, & from her wombe new spirits to reprize.

Whom when the good Sir Guyon did behold,His hart gan wexe as starke, as marble stone,And his fresh bloud did frieze with fearefull cold,That all his senses seemd bereft attone:At last his mightie ghost gan deepe to grone,As Lyon grudging in his great disdaine,Mournes inwardly, and makes to himselfe mone:Till ruth and fraile affection did constraine,His stout courage to stoupe, and shew his inward paine.

He them encountred, a confused rout,Foreby the Riuer, that whylome was hightThe auncient Abus, where with courage stoutHe them defeated in victorious fight,And chaste so fiercely after fearfull flight,That forst their Chieftaine, for his safeties sake,(Their Chieftaine Humber named was aright)Vnto the mightie streame him to betake,Where he an end of battell, and of life did make.

Thy name รด: soueraine Queene, thy realme and race,From this renowmed Prince deriued arre,Who mightily vpheld that royall mace,Which now thou bear'st, to thee descended farreFrom mightie kings and conquerours in warre,Thy fathers and great Grandfathers of old,Whose noble deedes aboue the Northerne starreImmortall fame for euer hath enrold.

Twixt his two mightie armes him vp he snatcht,And crusht his carkasse so against his brest,That the disdainfull soule he thence dispatcht,And th'idle breath all vtterly exprest:Tho when he felt him dead, a downe he kestThe lumpish corse vnto the senselesse grownd.

He left three sonnes, the which in order raynd,And all their Ofspring, in their dew descents,Euen seuen hundred Princes, which maintayndWith mightie deedes their sundry gouernments.

One day, when all that troupe of warlike wooersAssembled were, to weet whose she should bee,All mightie men and dreadfull derring dooers,(The harder it to make them well agree)Amongst them all this end he did decree.

There he this knight of her begot, whom borneShe of his father Marinell did name,And in a rocky caue as wight forlorne,Long time she fostred vp, till he becameA mightie man at armes, and mickle fameDid get through great aduentures by him donne:For neuer man he suffred by that sameRich strond to trauell, whereas he did wonne,But that he must do battell with the Sea-nymphes sonne.

Gainst whom Sir Artegall, long hauing sinceTaken in hand th'exploit, being theretooAppointed by that mightie Faerie Prince,Great Gloriane, that Tyrant to fordoo,Through other great aduentures hethertooHad it forslackt.