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n. The middle of the thigh (lengthwise)

Usage examples of "midthigh".

Like the Llangarlians, they were dressed in tunics that came to midthigh, but they wore no breeches or leggings, and the material of their tunics was of fine linen rather than wool.

It was sleeveless and came only to midthigh, so that his bands of kingship would not be hidden.

I stripped her naked and she literally tore the shirt from my back, and when I pushed her down and straddled her she had my pants yanked down to midthigh and her arms around my neck, and we were breast to breast and I could feel the muscles in her stomach flexing under mine.

I was up to midthigh, he reached me and I took one last step forward, half-falling into the boat.

There was water there up to his midthigh, plenty to cover him completely.

The sleeves were three-quarter-length and tiny buttons ran from a point between her breasts to midthigh, allowing a slight glimpse of smooth, slim leg as she came down the stairs.

Ryan had landed more or less in its center, immediately sinking to midthigh in the cold slimy ooze.

It was slitted front and back from ankle to midthigh, and while that enabled him to straddle a horse, he blamed the clumsy garment for his fall.

It was a jumpsuit, all right, made of the same material as the one he was wearing but with a stiffened and slightly thickened ring around the upper arms, forearms, midthighs, and ankles.

The woman came out from under the wheel, leggy, slender, tall, nimble, in light-blue linen sheath dress to midthigh, sleeveless.