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n. An extremely short skirt, ending just underneath the buttocks.

Usage examples of "microskirt".

One of them wore a microskirt, and he could see the tops of black or navy thigh-highs as he stopped to pick them up.

No, Sammler changed that, it was a microskirt, a band of green across the things.

I scanned my limited wardrobe and eventually chose a black microskirt and gauzy, dark green shirt.

He turned to watch Bella--as did Tyrone-and she was something to see in her green microskirt and halter top, walking high on her cork slope-plats.

Brigette pulled a microskirt up over her long legs, zipped it and tucked the blouse into it.

Ruth, yet for some reason caused Paulie to do an abrupt about-turn and start to feel a little sorry for this officedog, so out of place here with her painted nails and vivid lips and tailored jacket and pelmet microskirt, all in cerise and taupe, and too-thin thighs encased in charcoal tights.

Just like a group of fifteen more-or-less-young women, in microskirts and spandex, about to go through the hard work of having sex with strangers.

The last of the late-night girls were trooping toward the subway station, already anomalous in their microskirts, hot pants, and full-body tattoos.

Being the man he was, Lapin's interest was focused not on the stunningly beautiful redhaired receptionist sitting behind her glass desk, microskirted legs demurely crossed, nor even on the splendid view to be seen through the picture windows.