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n. (context electronics English) Any system constructed of microcircuits

Usage examples of "microcircuitry".

All microcircuitry within the dome would shortly be wiped of all data, all programming, and all ability to recover.

Like the microcircuitry that operated automatic doors and the faint, characteristic hum of air conditioning, it hovered momentarily within touching distance of his mind, then retreated again into the cloudy memory of white pain.

The microcircuitry inside the slender needlelike device ran through its programming, matching both genetic information and the automutating radioactive tracers that had been injected into his bloodstream.

No thief knew enough about microcircuitry to circumvent its electronic lock and it was strong enough to withstand a physical assault short of a bomb big enough to bring down the whole building.

Hulsman, our man in microcircuitry, the boyish blond type that fat old ladies love to mother, opened his mouth, noticed that nobody else was about to speak, closed it again and instead made fluttering motions with his hands.

No one else tried to grab him, so he touched the catch of his cloak again, deactivating the microcircuitry hidden in its weave.

He folded each so that the embroidered microcircuitry was properly positioned.

Chow stared at the complicated hookup of microcircuitry, enclosed in blocks of crystal plastic.

It resembled nothing so much as a pair of tight-fitting goggles, but there was a lot of microcircuitry and even a small computer and power pack in it.

Is it more than coincidental that Stepford has become an enclave of computer experts, microcircuitry designers, systems engineers, optical sensor developers .

Lynch to keep up the pretense that Anna was a flesh-and-blood woman instead of a clever combination of microcircuitry and latex, Caitlin thought.

I now believe I can reconfigure the microcircuitry with a single procedure.

So too were the Lawgivers, each of them controlled by the sliver of microcircuitry embedded within their bodies.