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Micky can be a given name but it is most often a nickname for Michael or non-Anglo Saxon equivalents, such as 'Mikhail.' It may refer to:

  • Micky Adams (born 1961), professional football manager
  • Micky Arison (born 1949), Chief Executive Officer of Carnival Corporation
  • Micky Dolenz (born 1945), American actor, musician, and television and theatre director
  • Micky Dore (born 1883), foundation Australian rugby league player
  • Micky Droy (born 1951), retired English footballer
  • Micky Hamill (1889-1943), Northern Irish footballer
  • Micky Hazard (born 1960), retired football central midfielder
  • Micky Horswill (born 1953), British professional footballer
  • Micky Lee Soule (born 1946), founding member of Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
  • Micky Levy, Israeli-American screenwriter and cinema actress
  • Micky Mellon (born 1972), Scottish professional footballer
  • Micky Moody (born 1950), English guitarist
  • Micky Quinn (born 1962), retired English footballer
  • Micky Stewart (born 1932), former English cricketer
  • Micky Waller (born 1941), veteran drummer
  • Micky Ward (born 1965), retired junior welterweight professional boxer
  • Micky, (born 1986) Korean singer who is a member of boy-band TVXQ
  • Sweet Micky (born 1961), Caribbean musician
  • Micky Finn an additive of chloral hydrate used to produce unconsciousness
Micky (Spanish singer)

Micky (born Miguel Ángel Carreño Schmelter 1943, in Madrid) is a Spanish singer.

He began his music career in 1962 leading the band Micky y Los Tonys, which brought out 30 singles (including hits like "No sé nadar") and 5 albums. Meanwhile, Micky acted in some films as it was usual for singers in Spain in the 1960s and worked for Cadena SER as a radio presenter.

Micky began his solo music career in the 1970s. Some of his first hits were "Soy así" and "El chico de la armónica". The single "Bye bye fräulein" (1976) entered the charts in Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, and made the Billboard Easy Listening charts in the United States. In 1977 he was chosen to participate for Spain at the 1977 Eurovision Song Contest. With the song " Enséñame a cantar", he placed 9th in a field of 18 entries.

In the 1980s and 1990s, he continued his music career but also focusing on theatre and television. In 2003 he participated in the television contest Vivo Cantando, which featured former pop stars. In 2010 he released a new album, La Cuenta Atrás.

Usage examples of "micky".

This morning, to add to his worries, Micky Miranda had received a stiff note from the British Foreign Secretary about two En glish tourists who had been murdered while exploring the Andes.

His trainer was satisfied, so far Micky was ahead on every round, and he began to think that Micky would take the gyppo out in five rounds as he had bragged.

They saw Micky, noted his top hat and his cigar, and nodded deferentially: it was none of their business what an upper-class man might be doing loitering in a doorway-they were after criminals, not gentlemen.

Almost hoping Muscadine would walk so that Big Micky could apply his own brand of justice.

Micky Miranda, were the worst beasts in the entire school: slackers, bad sports and bullies.

Tonio had lodged his letters of accreditation already, so Micky knew his days were numbered.

Montagne was a fool, but Carter was a hardheaded type, and Micky would have to be wary of him.

Micky had taken Papa to a factory in Birmingham and shown him the Westley-Richards carbine with the breech-loading action, nicknamed the Monkeytail because of its curly lever.

And Micky and Edward had assured him that they were not prostitutes but ordinary girls, shop assistants and parlormaids and dressmakers.

As for budgeting, my first assistant Micky Obbs is on a half-pay retainer until the first day of Principal Photography, along with Des Blackadder and Kevin Skuse.

Micky knocked it in, coming back perfectly lined up for another one and finished his turn by leaving the cue ball snookered by another yellow.

Micky read many bioethicists who were gleeful at the prospect of alleviating organ shortages through managed-care suicide programs.

Although the expression had been subtle and brief, Micky read into it the opinion that defendants at the Nuremberg trials had similar excuses for working the gas chambers at Dachau and Auschwitz.

That was when Micky Maguire arrived, dressed to kill in his best bib and tucker.

And if Hemet proved to be but the first stop on a journey of uncertainly and hardship, Micky was prepared to pay whatever ticket price might be demanded of her.