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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

shortened form of microphone, first attested 1961.


n. microphone. vb. (context transitive and intransitive music sound engineering English) To put one or more microphones on or in; to use or place a microphone.


Mic or MIC may refer to:


M(US)IC (meant to be pronounced "Us in Music") was released by Damiera in 2006 off of their indie record label, Tamerlane Records. It was re-released on Equal Vision Records January 23, 2007. This is the band's first full-length album. The album was released on vinyl by Vega Vinyl on May 14, 2009.

Mic (media company)

Mic (formerly PolicyMic) is a media company that targets millennials. The company reaches 19 million unique monthly visitors and has a higher composition of 18- to 34-year-old readers than any other millennial-focused news site, including BuzzFeed and Vice.

Mic received early attention for its on-the-ground coverage during the revolution in Tunisia, and The Hollywood Reporter remarked that Mic features "stories that intelligently cover serious issues important to young people".

Usage examples of "mic".

My cousin Jorn was already lodging in Cengarn on business, and now young Mic here shows up with another cousin, Garin.

Only Otho and young Mic were sitting at the table, which was spread with a variety of oddments - two oblong wooden trays, a sack that seemed to be filled with sand, some pointed sticks, a bone object that looked like a small comb, and part of a split cowhide, all painted over and written upon.

While Mic finished his ale, she told Yraen where she was going, then accompanied the young dwarf back to the inn.

Rhodry drew the second watch, he was wakened long before by the sound of Mic yelling and the mule braying.

Garin and Mic returned, bringing with them two servants carrying trays of food, pitchers of water, and other necessities for a guest.

I took an apprentice, like, and Mic here seems to get along well on the outside.

Once the meal was cleared away, Garin and Mic retired for the night as well, leaving behind them a silver flask of a murky dark liquor that tasted stronger than Bardek wine and a small glass goblet to drink it out of.

Mostly for something to do, Rhodry spent hours watching them and came across a puzzle that he mentioned to Garin and Mic that night at dinner.

With Mic trotting beside him, the elderly dwarf was hurrying down a corridor that shimmered with phosphorescence.

When he glanced at the dwarves, he caught Mic wiping his eyes on the back of his hand, and even Otho seemed moved.

He woke once in the middle of the night to hear rain drumming overhead, and a second time, some hours before dawn, when Mic shook him awake to go stand a watch.

The other dwarves came running up, or rather, Mic and Garin ran, with Otho stalking behind.

Otho and Mic looked back and forth, one to the other, then bowed as well.

For a few moments they all waited, but when there was no sign of Angmar, Mic could stand it no longer.

Rhodry went inside the manse and found Garin, Mic and Otho sitting in the great hall at a table by the main door to catch the air and sunlight.