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n. 1 (context games English) A marble (glass ball used in games), especially one used as a target. 2 (context in the plural English) A game of marbles.

Usage examples of "mib".

Lenardo was still trying to make Mib understand that if he would cause a fire at a certain spot under the ground, the whole area would explode.

Mibs didn't miss, although he complained laterperfectionist that he wasthat defective sights on the antique dueling pistol had caused him to come in a good five inches below target.

Mibs, was the spiritual leader of Masculinism, infallible and absolute.

And almost every viewer in the United States and Canada saw Shepherd Mibs, the moderator of the program and the National President of Masculinism, forced into a secondary, stammering position, completely eclipsed by Hellfire Henry.

A new figure entered the movement that same day, a humble, nondescript figure whom Mibs, in his triumph, would have dismissed contemptu­ously.

He added a belligerent third principle to those enunciated by Mibs and Pollyglow: "No legal disabilities without correspond­ing legal advantages.

Under the absolute rule of Mibs as Grand Master, they would concentrate on the nationwide secret sabotage of Mother's Day, the planting of time bombs in marriage license bureaus, and sudden, night­time raids on sexually nonsegregated organizations such as the P.

And during the next-to-last television de­bate—when Congressman Borax rose in desperate rebuttal to Clarissima Strunt—Shepherd Mibs at last came into his own.