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Sgeir Mhor were black volcanic gabbro, hard as granite, smooth and unbroken for long stretches.

And beyond Sgeir Mhor, running away to our right, the sheer cliffs of Keava were a black wall disappearing into a tearing wrack of cloud, the whole base of this rampart cascading white as wave after wave attacked and then receded to meet the next and smash it to pieces, heaping masses of water hundreds of feet into the air.

Fellowes came right into it, flying at just over 500 ft., and when he turned the wind caught him and flung him like a wounded gull across the top of Sgeir Mhor.

I crawled to the shelter of a cleit and with my back to the ruins of its dry-stone wall, I focused the glasses on Sgeir Mhor.

All in the compart were aware that the wizards at Mhored Kara conscripted paranormally gifted children for training.

The struggle to get the landing craft off the beach, the fight to get her out of Shelter Bay and clear of the rocks of Sgeir Mhor in the teeth of the hurricane, the failure of the engines, the scene of utter confusion as she struck with the bridge deck concertinaed against the fortress mass of Sgeir Mhor.

The spells of the Mhored Karan conjurers were no part of the cause, but only the foil for an apprehension Taen had no name for.

And all Dun Mhor will know he guested here-and take revenge if he fails.

But as he had backed awkwardly away from lain Mhor, one of the little girls had crawled into the crude shelter from the back, pushing a bowl of milk pudding before her, and had sat down matter-of factly by her uncle's head, spoon in hand.