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MFS may refer to:

  • Stasi, or Ministry for State Security (Ministerium für Staatssicherheit), the security and intelligence organisation of the German Democratic Republic
  • Metropolitan Fire Service, South Australia's government-funded fire service
  • Master of Forensic Sciences, a specialized professional degree
  • Meeting for Sufferings, a consultative body in Britain Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
  • Miletich Fighting Systems, a mixed martial arts training camp founded by Pat Miletich
  • Maryknoll Fathers' School, a government-funded co-ed in Hong Kong SAR, P.R.C.
  • Moorestown Friends School, a private Quaker school located in Moorestown, New Jersey, USA
  • Metropolitan Fiber Systems, a telecommunications service provider acquired by WorldCom in 1997
  • Maximum flooding surface, a term used in sequence stratigraphy
  • MFS Investment Management formerly Massachusetts Financial Services.
  • MFS Limited, the former name of Gold Coast property group Octaviar
  • Miller Fisher syndrome, a rare nerve disease, a variant of Guillain-Barré syndrome
  • The Missouri Folklore Society
  • Major Facilitator Superfamily, a family of related proteins involved in active transport of solutes across a membrane
  • MFS 2000 Inc, a Hungarian ammunition manufacturer located in Sirok
  • Multi-fuel stove
  • Moscow Finnish School
  • Mobile Financial Services, a term used in Mobile banking
  • Syriac Military Council (ܡܘܬܒܐ ܦܘܠܚܝܐ ܣܘܪܝܝܐ, Mawtbo Fulhoyo Suryoyo)
  • Misfiring system or antilag system, a system used on turbocharged cars to cure turbo lag

In computing:

  • Macintosh File System, a disk file system created by Apple Computer for storing files on 400K floppy disks
  • MINIX file system, the native file system of the Minix operating system
  • Memory File System, a file system created in RAM (a type of ramdisk)
  • Media FileSystem, the filesystem used by TiVo
  • Moose File System, an open-source distributed file system
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator


  • MFS (label), a former German based trance label
MFS (label)

MFS (Masterminded For Success) was an independent electronic dance music label from Berlin, Germany lasting from 1990–2008 (although it has officially never actually folded, it has just stopped releasing music). The label was originally founded by "Deutsche Schallplatten Berlin" the former GDR record company, which made it the very first independent dance music label of East Germany, until the DSB closed down in 1993. After which, Mark Reeder and Torsten Jurk took MFS and carried on, to launch the careers, and release music, by some of electronic dance music's seminal artists.

MFS is consider to be one of the first trance labels, and to be the first to coin the term " trance music", and seen by few as an underground label. Its main focus from the beginning was trance music, but soon started to release different types of electronic genres. MFS has helped start many famous artist with their early careers such as, Paul van Dyk, Harald Blüchel (Cosmic Baby), Mijk van Dijk, Gerret Frerichs (Humate), as well as many others.