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MFF may refer to:

  • MAC-Forced Forwarding (also known as MACFF), a networking technology designed to route all intrasubscriber traffic through the head end of an ISP's ethernet infrastructure.
  • Male-female-female, a type of threesome involving one male and two females
  • Malmö FF, a Swedish football club in Malmö
  • Midwest FurFest, a furry convention hosted in Chicago, Illinois
  • Military Freefall Parachutist Badge, a military badge of the U.S. Army awarded to soldiers qualified as a high altitude parachute specialist
  • Molecular Frontiers Foundation, a non-profit science organization to promote interest in the science of chemistry
  • Mozilla Firefox, a web browser
  • Multiannual Financial Framework, a multiyear plan regulating the budget of the European Union
  • Myanmar Football Federation, the governing body of football in Myanmar
  • MFF SIM, a form-factor of Subscriber Identity Module chips for machine-use