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Mezen (inhabited locality)

Mezen is the name of several inhabited localities in Russia.

Urban localities
  • Mezen, Mezensky District, Arkhangelsk Oblast, a town in Mezensky District of Arkhangelsk Oblast; administratively incorporated as a town of district significance
Rural localities
  • Mezen, Plesetsky District, Arkhangelsk Oblast, a village in Undozersky Selsoviet of Plesetsky District of Arkhangelsk Oblast
  • Mezen, Belokholunitsky District, Kirov Oblast, a village in Polomsky Rural Okrug of Belokholunitsky District of Kirov Oblast
  • Mezen, Nolinsky District, Kirov Oblast, a village in Ludyansky Rural Okrug of Nolinsky District of Kirov Oblast

Mezen may refer to:

  • Mezen River, a river in the Komi Republic and Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
  • Mezen Bay, a bay of the White Sea in Russia
  • Mezen (inhabited locality), several inhabited localities in Russia
  • Mezen Airport, an airport in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
  • Mezen Basin, a sedimentary basin in northern European Russia
  • Sandrine Mezen, silver medalist in the javelin throw event of the 2010 CARIFTA Games