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Mey (instrument)

The Mey is a double-reed aerophone used in Turkish folk music.

It consists of three parts. Ana Gövde (main part), Kamış (reed) and Kıskaç (clip).

  • Cylindrical in shape and made of wood, the main part has 7 finger holes on its front side, and one finger hole at the back. Meys main part is usually built from the wood of harder trees such as plum, walnut, beech, etc. It has a sound range of about one octave. There are three types of mey: Cura Mey, Orta Mey and Ana Mey.
  • A double reed (kamış in Turkish) essentially a large and almost flattened cylinder on the mouth side, and conical-round where it is attached to the main part, gives this instrument its characteristic deep sound.
  • A tuning-bridle called "Kıskaç (clip)" mounted to the end of the reed and pushed up and down on the reed until a position is decided serves to tune the Mey and to prevent alterations in pitch of the sound. A wooden piece similar to "kıskaç" which is called the "ağızlık" covers the part of the reed's mouth, when the Mey is not used in order to preserve or protect it. The size and nature of the reed is dependent on the size and nature of the instrument, but is usually approximately one third the size of the main part.

There are many instruments similar to the Mey in Asia. These are called " Balaban", in Azerbaijan and Iran; " Yasti Balaban" in Dagestan; " Duduki" in Georgia; " Duduk" in Armenia; " Hichiriki" in Japan; " Piri" in Korea; " Guanzi" in China; and " Kamis Sirnay " in Kyrgyzstan.

Musicologists like Farmer (1936: 316) and Picken (1975: 480) have suggested that ancient Mait, Monaulos, and Auloi present major resemblances with the Mey and the other similar instruments. In Hellenistic Egypt, there was an instrument called "Mait" or "Monaulos" which was similar to the Mey and there was another one in Anatolia which was called "Auloi" and its picture was found on a vase.


Mey or Mei may refer to:

  • Cornelius Jacobsen Mey, early 17th century Dutch explorer
  • Lev Mei (1822–1862), Russian dramatist and poet
  • Marie-Anett Mey (born 1971), French musician
  • Melis Karin Mey (born 1983), Turkish long jumper
  • Karl Mey (1879–?), German industrial physicist
  • Mey Norn, Cambodian politician
  • Reinhard Mey (born 1942), German singer-songwriter
  • Théo Mey (1912–1964), Luxembourg photographer
  • Uwe-Jens Mey (born 1963), German speed skater
  • Mey, Moselle, a commune in the Moselle department of France
  • Mey, Highland, a place in Scotland
  • Castle of Mey, a castle in Scotland
  • Mey (instrument), a Turkish folk instrument
  • Mey-Air, a defunct Norwegian airline
MEY (disambiguation)

MEY may refer to:

  • Meghauli Airport, Nepal (by IATA code)
  • Hassānīya language, an African language (by ISO 639 code)

Usage examples of "mey".

Meyun went thus: the goddess Tarv, having spent a particularly pleasant night with a young mortal, a cowherd named Mey, gave him her blue starry mantle.

Mey her mande before Bult raped Hu, so Mey had prior claim to die land, and that was that.

The Lactor General made a speech in which he cried that every inch of that precious soil was drenched in the red blood of the sons of Mey and made sacred by the starry cloak of Tarv.

The listeners were confounded, and mey all looked to Stonecutter, as if he might have some explanation.

Da5id Meier, supreme hacker overlord, founding father of the Metaverse protocol, creator and proprietor of the world-famous Black Sun, has just suffered a system crash.

Point are the origin of the Merry Men of Mey, while off the island of Stroma occurs the whirlpool of the Swalchie, and off the Orcadian Swona is the vortex of the Wells of Swona.

But it was not until 1974 that Meier, in turn, received permission from the plane of Arahat Athersata to make the translation of the scrolls accessible to other interested circles.

A collection of four major essays based on lectures given by Meier, the Director of the Jung Institute in Zurich, at the Andover Newton Theological School.

Point are the origin of the Merry Men of Mey, while off the island of Stroma occurs the whirlpool of the Swalchie, and off the Orcadian Swona is the vortex of the Wells of Swona.

Then on April 20, Meier said he went to the Beverly Hills home and waited while Toru met his father at a nearby hotel to ask the elder Sakai to come with him to the home.

Meier and Toru Sakai were close friends who had met at San Marino High School when they played tennis together.

Meier said that Toru Sakai talked on and off of wanting to kill his father for three months in early 1987.

April 20, 1987, according to Meier, Toru lured his father to a vacant home in Beverly Hills that Sanae Sakai managed for an investor.

I recollect having seen in the Scots Magazine, several years ago, a poem upon a similar tale, perhaps the same, translated from the Erse, or Irish, called Albin and the Daughter of Mey.

Sometimes I thought of mem asl^isoiiers because of the way mey often caught the light||Bd8parided even though the rest of her face was glum.