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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mete \Mete\, v. i. & t. [imp. Mette; p. p. Met.] [AS. m?tan.] To dream; also impersonally; as, me mette, I dreamed. [Obs.] ``I mette of him all night.''


Mette \Mette\, obs. imp. of Mete, to dream.


Mette is a female given name of Scandinavian origin. It's descended from the name Margaret, is considered a variant of Matilda, and may refer to:

  • Mette Marit, Crown Princess of Norway
  • Mette Andersen, Danish cyclist
  • Mette Bergmann, Norwegian discus thrower
  • Mette Frederiksen, Danish politician
  • Mette Jacobsen, Danish swimmer
  • Mette Schjoldager, Danish badminton player
  • Mette Veiseth, Danish model, Miss Norway in 1987
  • Mette Lindberg, vocalist for Danish psychedelic pop band The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Usage examples of "mette".

Lo Croesus, which that was of Lydia king, Mette he not that he sat upon a tree, Which signified he shoulde hanged be?

My tale is of a cock, as ye may hear, That took his counsel of his wife, with sorrow, To walken in the yard upon the morrow That he had mette the dream, as I you told.

The sicke mette he drinketh of the tun: The sick man dreams that he drinks wine, as one in health.

Which thus closing and mette together, made the socket of the great Obelisk: which Socket was beautified with leaues, fruites and flowers, of shining cast mettall, and of conuenient bignesse.

The sicke mette he drinketh of the tun: The sick man dreams that he drinks wine, as one in health.

Certes this dream, which ye have mette tonight, Cometh of the great supefluity Of youre rede cholera,* pardie, *bile Which causeth folk to dreaden in their dreams Of arrows, and of fire with redde beams, Of redde beastes, that they will them bite, Of conteke,* and of whelpes great and lite.

This markys hath hir spoused with a ryng Broght for the same cause, and thanne hir sette Upon an hors, snow-whit and wel amblyng, And to his paleys, er he lenger lette, With joyful peple that hir ladde and mette Convoyed hir.