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metric tons

n. (plural of metric ton English)

Usage examples of "metric tons".

The recommended minimum size for a plant in an third world country was 30,000 metric tons.

Perhaps as much as twenty-two million metric tons of such unwanted fish are dumped back in the sea each year, mostly in the form of corpses.

A near contemporary of Mark II, the Mark III was actually designed as a heavy (300 metric tons) companion vehicle.

The treasure is an immense hoard consisting of thousands of metric tons of exotic gems and jewelry, silver and gold bullion, along with Buddhas and Catholic altar pieces encrusted with priceless gems and cast in solid gold.

A thick-walled containment box weighing dozens of metric tons fell from its grip, smashing down on one of IG-88's droid stormtroopers who had the bad luck of standing within its shadow.

Lifting capacity in this gravity and atmosphere, six metric tons each.

A reasonable decision would be to settle initially for a moderate top speed of 25 miles/h (40 km/h) and average speed 10 miles/h, a modest weight of ten metric tons per axle, and a respectable endurance of about 50 miles for coal and 25 miles for water while running a train of 300 tons on even ground for the first engine type.

This robust simple and flexible engine will weight about 32 metric tons when in operation.

What we thought we'd do is present you with twenty-five metric tons of supplies.

I have over a hundred metric tons of diamonds stored in warehouses around the world, with another ten tons ready to ship from my mines as we speak.

More than thirty meters long, perhaps half that in height, massing 330 metric tons, the Bolo Mark XX was a behemoth of steel and ablative armor, bristling with more weaponry than Smith-Wentworth had ever seen on a single fighting machine before.