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n. (plural of metre English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: metre)

Usage examples of "metres".

Guidance graphics told her there was another twelve metres to go before she reached the junction she wanted.

Bulky and tough-looking with neatly groomed crimson mohicans, they arrived in my path a couple of metres ahead, forcing me either to stop in turn or cut an abrupt circle around them.

The transport straightened out about a hundred metres up and dropped its nose slightly.

When she was about twenty metres away, she stopped, tucked the racket under her arm and cupped her hands to her mouth.

Mars they grow to be a hundred metres tall, sometimes as wide as this house at the root.

The concrete jarred my feet as I landed, sent splinters of pain lancing up both shins, but the neurachem damped it down instantly and I was only a dozen metres behind.

For a man of his size, he was remarkably fast, flitting between the marching support pillars of the expressway and into the shadows a good twenty metres ahead now.

Given a hundred metres of this I was going to overtake my Mongol friend, unless he too had augmented vision.

From where I lay, I screwed up my eyes and could just make out the police transport, a regulation crowd-control five metres off the street, lights flashing.

Green, Armourers since 2203 was a discreet corner facade, extending less than a half dozen metres along each street, but bordered by blinded units that looked as if they had probably been annexed.

World known, with typical grim humour, as the Unsettlement, guerrillas in the Quellist Black Brigades were surgically implanted with a quarter-kilo of enzyme-triggered explosive that would, on demand, turn the surrounding fifty square metres and anything in it to ash.

Courault had succeeded in crawling a dozen metres down the corridor in a broad trail of her own blood, and one of her male colleagues, too weak to escape, was trying to prop himself up against the wall.

Steel grey, stippled every few metres with a nipple-like swelling, receding to infinity.

The institute was now either defunct or had moved on and the bayward-facing facility had been gutted, but someone had stripped the Flying Fish, rerigged her as a restaurant and cabled her five hundred metres above the decaying facility buildings.

A lavish seven or eight square metres of fused sand flooring under a cheap glass viewdome provided prospective clients with a waiting area, natural light and two pairs of seats that looked as if they had been torn out of a decommissioned jetliner.