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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ How long before she gets eaten away by the meths and dissolves into dust blown by the wind?

Etymology 1 n. (lb en UK Canada Australia NZ) Short form of methylated spirits. Etymology 2

n. (context Geordie English) (plural of meth English)

Usage examples of "meths".

Even Meths were afraid of the invisible corroder, because even they, with their remote storage and their clones on ice, were not immune.

Enderby tasted what tasted of aniseed, lubricator, meths and the medicinal root his stepmother had called ikey-pikey.

I think, without Bautista and the others behind her, she might not have risked it, even with her cordial hatred of the Meths, even for Ryker.

And when the Meths want to break the rules themselves, they'll send people like Trepp and me to do it.

Just another drunk in a city teeming with them, seeking oblivion in their own way: whisky on Thursdays when they drew their social security, meths the rest of the week.