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MetaSynth is an application for the Macintosh operating system that allows the creation of sound from images. It was most notably used on The Matrix (for bullet-speed special effects), but has also appeared in the electronic artists Aphex Twin's song "ΔM⁻¹ = −αΣD[n][ΣF[n − 1] + Fext[n⁻¹]]," a B-side on the " Windowlicker" single.

Metasynth awards:

  • Electronic Musician 2006 Editor's Choice Award for best sound-design software,
  • Electronic Musician 1999 Editor's Choice Award,
  • Keyboard Magazine Key Buy Award (April '98 and July '00),
  • MacWorld Eddy Nomination, TEC award nomination,
  • Musician Magazine Editor's Pick (1999),