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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Metaphysic \Met`a*phys"ic\, a. Metaphysical.


Metaphysic \Met`a*phys"ic\, n. [Cf. F. m['e]taphysique.] See Metaphysics.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from Medieval Latin metaphysica (see metaphysics). The usual form of metaphysics until 16c.; somewhat revived 19c. under German influence.


a. (context philosophy archaic English) metaphysical. alt. (context philosophy archaic English) metaphysical. n. 1 (context philosophy uncountable archaic English) The field of study of metaphysics. 2 (context philosophy countable English) The metaphysical system of a particular philosopher or of a particular school of thought. 3 (context philosophy countable English) A fundamental principle or key concept.

Usage examples of "metaphysic".

The verbal expression of even a metaphysic or a system of ethics is very nearly as much of a work of art as a love poem.

I so did not need another man tied to me by metaphysics that demanded a piece of my bed, or at least my body.

I think if you have personal contact with something besides leopards that your beast will go back to being just amorphous, more metaphysics than physical.

The god of Anglicanism had crept under the skin of things, and all the stimulatingly inhuman strangeness of Nature had become as flatly familiar as a page from a textbook of metaphysics or theology.

It is also a problem in metaphysics -- a problem, one might almost say, in theology.

In this condition of apprehensive sobriety we are able to see that the contents of literature, art, music -- even in some measure of divinity and school metaphysics -- are not sophistry and illusion, but simply those elements of experience which scientists chose to leave out of account, for the good reason that they had no intellectual methods for dealing with them.

The huge pyramids, with their triangular sides of elevation and square bases, represented their Metaphysics, founded upon the knowledge of Nature.

We have not reduced Masonry to a cold metaphysics that exiles everything belonging to the domain of the imagination.

Initiation was a school, in which were taught the truths of primitive revelation, the existence and attributes of one God, the immortality of the Soul, rewards and punishments in a future life, the phenomena of Nature, the arts, the sciences, morality, legislation, philosophy, and philanthropy, and what we now style psychology and metaphysics, with animal magnetism, and the other occult sciences.

Mysteries, in which were developed the great principles of physics and metaphysics as to the origin of the soul, its condition here below, its destination, and its future fate.

God, that have produced all the systems of philosophy, all metaphysics, and all theology, since the world began.

Thus, from every direction,--from metaphysics, aesthetics, and morality above all, we rise to the same Principle, the common centre, and ultimate foundation of all truth, all beauty, all good.

By its intimate resemblances to the judgment of the true and the beautiful, it shows us the secret affinities of morality, metaphysics, and aesthetics.

Philosophy directed by metaphysics ends in visionary extravagance, 693-m.

Pyramids represented metaphysics founded on a knowledge of nature, 321-l.