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n. a form of self-referential literature concerned with the art and devices of fiction itself


Metafiction is a literary device used self-consciously and systematically to draw attention to a work's status as an artifact. It poses questions about the relationship between fiction and reality, usually using irony and self-reflection. It can be compared to presentational theatre, which does not let the audience forget it is viewing a play; metafiction forces readers to be aware that they are reading a fictional work.

Metafiction (album)

Metafiction is an album composed, arranged, and produced by Vic Mignogna.

Usage examples of "metafiction".

Historiographic Metafiction in Modern American and Canadian Literature.

However, while the story succeeds as a humorous account of the commodification of self-reflexive postmodernism, as an attempt to expose the illusions of metafiction by a kind of meta-metafiction, the work becomes tangled in its own recursive spiral.

Television shows now adopt the ironic humor of much metafiction, and begin to poke fun at themselves, and dramatize their limitations.

Historiographic metafiction intentionally and self-consciously blurs the boundary between history and fiction, a move that makes explicit what traditional historiography wishes to obscure that any attempt to write history involves interpretive moments that implicate the historian in gestures indistinguishable from those of novel writers.

Eighty years from now, it would be metafiction and self-writes, but I doubted they had either here.

Mark Nechtr, who distrusts wordplay, who feels about Allusion the way Ambrose seems to feel about Illusion, who regards metafiction the way a hemophiliac regards straight razors.