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n. 1 A system that encompasses cosmos systems (macrocosm, mesocosm, microcosm). 2 A transcendent field of higher forces beyond the macrocosm (created world). 3 A manifestation of God.

Usage examples of "metacosm".

But as Noah stood on the spot where the threshold between Cosm and Metacosm had been laid, he saw something flickering close to the ground.

Whether they too had been in the process of opening a door back into the Metacosm he could not discover, but he assumed so.

Or were those walls becoming thinner for some reason, the divide between this world and the Metacosm growing frail?

Though generations of thinkers in both the Cosm and the Metacosm had attempted to evolve a theory of distance between the two worlds, there was little consensus on the subject.

I knew that wanderers from the Metacosm came here now and again, for sentimental reasons.