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Merve is a feminine Turkish given name of Arabic origin. It has two meanings:

  1. Pebble
  2. One of the two sacred hills in Mecca, Saudi Arabia between which Muslims travel back and forth seven times as part of the ritual pilgrimages. Merve is mentioned in sura of Bakara,verse 158.

According to General Directorate of Civil Registration and Nationality of Turkey, Merve was the most popular female name between 1991 and 2000.

Some of the known people with this name are:

  • Merve Adıyaman (born 1994), Turkish handball player
  • Merve Akıl (born 1996), Turkish women's football forward
  • Merve Aladağ (born 1993), Turkish women's football striker
  • Merve Aydın (born 1990), Turkish midlle distance runner
  • Merve Aydın (basketball) (born 1994), Turkish basketball player
  • Merve Boluğur (born 1987), Turkish actress
  • Merve Dalbeler (born 1987), Turkish volleyball player
  • Merve Kavakçı (born 1968), Turkish politician
  • Merve Kuryluk (born 1937), Canadian male ice hockey player
  • Merve Sevi (born 1987), Turkish actress
  • Merve Tanıl (born 1990), Turkish volleyball player
  • Merve Terzioğlu (1987-2008), Turkish swimmer