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Mert may refer to:

Mert (given name)

Mert is a Turkish masculine given name meaning "man", "manly" and "trustworthy", from Persian mard which means man. It is very popular in Turkey, Azerbaijan, and, more or less, in Iran.

  • Mert Alas, British fashion photographer of Turkish origin
  • Mert Atlı (born 1993), Turkish race walker
  • Mert Aytuğ (born 1984), Turkish racing car driver and motorcycle racer
  • Mert Erdoğan (born 1989), Turkish footballer
  • Mert Girmalegesse (born 1987), Turkish long-distance athlete of Ethiopian origin
  • Mert Günok (born 1989), Turkish footballer
  • Mert Hackett (1859–1938), American baseball player
  • Mert Korkmaz (born 1971), Turkish footballer
  • Mert Lawwill (born 1940), American motorcycle racer
  • Mert Mutlu (born 1974), Turkish cyclist and coach
  • Mert Nobre, Brazilian footballer
  • Mert Öcal (born 1982), Turkish model
  • Mert Shumpert (born 1979), Turkish basketball player of American origin
  • Mert Smiley (born 1951), American politician
  • Mert Somay (born 1986), Turkish footballer
  • Mert Yücel, Turkish electronic music producer