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Merse may refer to:

  • The Merse (river), in the Italian region of Tuscany
  • The Val di Merse, an area including the valley of the river Merse
  • the Merse (Scotland), a territory located on the boundaries of Scotland and England on the east side; today part of Berwickshire
  • A Scottish name for Salt marsh, an environment periodically flooded by sea water
  • Merse (politician), an Inner Mongolian revolutionary of the 1920s and 1930s
Merse (river)

The Merse is an Italian river, a right tributary of the Ombrone. It runs through Tuscany for a distance of about 70 km and is the river of the Val di Merse.

Its sources are near Poggio Croce di Prata and Poggio di Montieri in the range of hills known as the Colline Metallifere. From here it takes a north-easterly direction for the first half of its course before turning sharply to the south-east. At Pontiella it receives from the right the waters of the Farma, a torrent born at Torniella, again in the Colline Metallifere). After a few kilometres the Merse enters the Ombrone at Pian di Rocca which lies half-way between the spa of Bagni di Petriolo to the west and Castiglione del Bosco to the east.

The river has recently suffered from sulphurous pollutants deriving from the old and neglected mine-workings in the upper part of its course. Fish are far less plentiful than in the past, which may be put down to the exploitation of its waters for irrigation during the summer months; nevertheless there are many cyprinids, and pike are also found.

The white mill which gives its name to the Mulino Bianco biscuit manufacturers is located on the upper course of the river: it was constructed in the early 13th century by monks from the nearby abbey of Serena.

Merse (politician)

Merse (1894–?) was an Inner Mongolian politician, best known as a founder of the Inner Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party (IMPRP). He was a Daur from a noble family native to Hulunbuir.

Usage examples of "merse".

In the Merse, which is my country-side, they stick the kitchen-midden up against the dining-room window, and their notion of a pleasance is a wheen grosart bushes and gillyflowers sore scarted by hens.

Banes Merse and Alnar, and Elien and Criah, both from the FlatRock Clan, and Relm, from the Pine Walk Clan.

He is at peace, Merse, and his feet have found the paths to the Sacred Grove.

Scotland under the command of Surrey, who ravaged the Merse and Teviotdale without opposition, and burned the town of Jedburgh.

Tiviotdale and the Merse, they proceeded to the abbey of Coldingham, which they took possession of, and fortified.

He intrenched himself in a fortified camp between Edinburgh and Leith, and took care to remove from the counties of Merse and the Lothians every thing which could serve to the subsistence of the English army.

Papers upon papers: maps of Tira Virte, maps of Pracanza, maps of Ghillas, of Taglis, Merse, Diettro Mareia, even of Vethia, so far to the north of the world .

Go on a journeypreferably to Merse, and the longer you spend there the better.

She rose and refilled their glasses with iced lemonada flavored with a few drops of the newest import from Merse, a clear liquor distilled from some sort of berry.

And he had enjoyed his travels, going farther afield than he ever had before, traveling as ambassadorand spyto the distant north where princedoms and city states like Friesemark and Merse and Vethia were coming into their own.

Heather is currently im mersed in the mad scramble of the second week of classes, and my new hire just quit this morning.

Ferry transfers to Mersing were priced in green chalk next to jungle treks in blue.

With Mersing shrinking in the distance, Sumo put them on autopilot and Strachan convened a meeting in the cockpit.

Tioman, Mersing or Kuantan without running into a big old reception committee.

The Japanese had shot at him in Mersing and shot at him again tonight.