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Merritt (surname)

Merritt is a surname.

Those bearing it include:

  • Abraham Merritt (1884–1943), American science fiction writer
  • Ahmad Merritt (born 1977), American football wide receiver
  • Aries Merritt (born 1985), American hurdling athlete
  • Bill Merritt (disambiguation)
  • Bruce Merritt (born 1958), American sprint canoer
  • Charles Merritt (1908–2000), Canadian recipient of the Victoria Cross and a lieutenant colonel during World War II
  • Chris Merritt (born 1952), opera singer
  • Constance Merritt (born 1966), American poet
  • David Merritt (American football) (born 1971), former American football linebacker
  • David Merritt (fl. c. 2000), American astrophysicist
  • Dixon Lanier Merritt (1879–1972), poet and humorist
  • Edwin Albert Merritt (1860–1914), NY politician
  • Francis E. Merritt (1920–1995), American football offensive tackle
  • George Merritt (disambiguation)
  • Gilbert S. Merritt, Jr. (born 1936), American lawyer and jurist
  • H. Houston Merritt (1902–1979), American neurologist
  • Herm Merritt (1900–1927), shortstop in Major League Baseball
  • Jack N. Merritt (born 1930), retired United States Army four-star general
  • James Merritt (born 1952), U.S. religious leader and former President of the Southern Baptist Convention
  • James W. Merritt (born 1959), Republican member of the Indiana Senate
  • Jeralyn Merritt (born 1949), criminal defense attorney, one of the team defending Timothy McVeigh in the Oklahoma City bombing case
  • Jim Merritt (born 1943), former left-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball
  • John Merritt (1926–1983), head football coach
  • John O. Merritt (fl. late 20th century), American engineer
  • Josiah Merritt (died 1882), early pioneer of the Pacific Northwest
  • Jymie Merritt (born 1926), American hard bop double-bassist
  • Kim Merritt (born 1955), a former American long-distance runner
  • LaShawn Merritt (born 1986), American 400 meters sprint athlete
  • Les Merritt ( fl. 2000s), American politician
  • Mark Daniel Merritt (born 1961), American composer and arranger
  • Marshall Merritt (1904–1978), American painter
  • Matthew J. Merritt (1895–1946), American politician
  • Max Merritt (born 1941), New Zealand-born singer-songwriter and guitarist
  • Michael Merritt (disambiguation)
  • Myra Merritt (fl. c. 1990), American operatic soprano
  • Natacha Merritt (born 1977), American erotic photographer and artist
  • Nathan Merritt (born 1983), Australian professional rugby league footballer
  • Neil Merritt (born 1939), the last President of Portsmouth Polytechnic, the first Vice-Chancellor of the University of Portsmouth
  • Rich Merritt (born 1967), author, blogger and attorney
  • Rob Merritt (born 1952) American guitarist, bassist
  • Robert Merritt (1936–1999), Nova Scotia playwright, film critic, and educator
  • Ryan Merritt, baseball player
  • Samuel Merritt (disambiguation)
  • Schuyler Merritt (1853–1953), United States Representative from Connecticut
  • Stephanie Merritt (born 1974), critic and feature writer
  • Stephin Merritt (born 1966), American singer-songwriter known for his work in the band The Magnetic Fields
  • Steve Merritt (1945–1993), American dancer and choreographer
  • Theresa Merritt (1924–1998), American stage, film and television actress and singer
  • Thomas Rodman Merritt (1824–1906), Ontario businessman
  • Tift Merritt (born 1975), American singer-songwriter
  • Tim Merritt (born 1982), American soccer player
  • Tom Merritt (born 1970), Executive Editor for CNET
  • Tommy Merritt (born 1948), Republican member of the Texas House of Representatives
  • Troy Merritt (born 1985), American professional golfer
  • W. Davis Merritt (fl. late 20th century), American journalist
  • Wesley Merritt (1836–1910), general in the U.S. Army during the American Civil War and the Spanish–American War
  • Wilf Merritt (born 1864), English association football player
  • William Hamilton Merritt (1793–1862), influential figure in the Niagara Peninsula of Upper Canada
  • Vernon Merritt III (1941-2000), Veteran Photojournalist most famous for covering Civil Rights Movement

Merritt may refer to:

  • Merritt (surname)
  • Merritt L. Campbell (1864-1915), American politician
  • The Merritt, Merritt Parkway limited access highway in Connecticut


  • Merritt, California
    • Merritt Island AVA, California wine region in Yolo County
  • Merritt, Michigan
  • Merritt Township, Michigan
  • Merritt, South Dakota
  • Merritt, British Columbia
  • Merritt Island, Florida

Usage examples of "merritt".

He feared to look up, lest her wizard, Merritt, send down a bolt of lightning to punish him for what he was doing.

So the bearings or something burned out and it broke down on her way back from Diddy's wedding in Newport at four in the morning and she left it standing on the Merritt Parkway for a carload of I won't say what to run into on their way to work so they told the police but I'm sure you could smell whisky a mile away and the whole thing was simply demolished, the poor dear thought she was saving money not buying collision insurance so that's eighty thousand dollars right there Jerry thinks she hasn't a hope of recovering from the dip who hit her and even if she could on his salary it would take five generations, and then of course you've got the whole carload of them claiming broken legs and concussions and God only knows what, they'll say anything.

It was without surprise that he back-tracked Merritt to a counter in the General Delivery room of the Petersburg mail depot where he had peeled off a routing slip addressed to him and replaced it with the one that would carry the toxin to Follard.

The Herbert Limited Partnership, including Jan Herbert, Ron Merritt, David Merritt, Byron Merritt, Julie Herbert, Robert Merritt, Kimberly Herbert, Margaux Herbert, and Theresa Shackelford, gave us their enthusiastic support, entrusting us with the care of Frank Herbert's magnificent vision.

The Herbert Limited Partnership, including Penny and Ron Merritt, David Merritt, Byron Merritt, Julie Herbert, Robert Merritt, Kimberly Herbert, Margaux Herbert, and Theresa Shackelford gave us their enthusiastic support, entrusting us with the care of Frank Herbert's vision.

The Herbert Limited Partnership, including David Merritt, Byron Merritt, Julie Herbert, Robert Merritt, Kimberly Herbert, Margaux Herbert, and Theresa Shackelford.

If the tragedy of the ill-fated Lexington did nothing else, it gave the country the remarkable talents of Nathaniel Currier, who in seventeen years would join forces with another artist/lithographer, James Merritt Ives, to produce evocative color lithographs that became the illustrated soul of early America.

Fired up the Benz and was on an uncongested Merritt Parkway by six forty-five.

Smiling at his own foolishness, he turned on the oven in the O'Keefe and Merritt range, slid the foil-wrapped dinner onto the top rack, and then went back to the refrigerator where he found a hunk of cheddar cheese to snack on.

Peel off these damn notes sticking together worse than I am just the smell and all the rest of it, half the time inventing half the time litigating, Kelly invents a wind motor with slide valves opening and closing ports with electrical help, Merritt Gaily's inventions fighting on both fronts, R W Pain and Henry Kuster build Needham &amp.