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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A fire burned merrily in the hearth.
▪ And now, merrily the crew heads for home with a fortune aboard.
▪ Her suppressing it won't touch the problem, and neither will your merrily pretending the anger isn't there.
▪ It all goes merrily or unhappily along whether you stick around to watch or not.
▪ Male speaker I was painting away merrily in Cirencester and realised I really needed a sound academic education.
▪ Police Headquarters was merrily ablaze, as were numerous other buildings in the vicinity.
▪ She could feel him trembling with fever and cold, although he was close to the fire which burned merrily now.
▪ They crossed merrily over the bridge into Marin, to which Anastasia and her friends had recently moved.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Merrily \Mer"ri*ly\, adv. [From Merry.] In a merry manner; with mirth; with gayety and laughter; jovially. See Mirth, and Merry.

Merrily sing, and sport, and play.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English myriglice "pleasantly, melodiously;" see merry + -ly (2).


adv. In a cheerful or merry manner.


adv. in a joyous manner; "they shouted happily" [syn: happily, mirthfully, gayly, blithely, jubilantly, with happiness] [ant: unhappily]

Usage examples of "merrily".

With their going it seemed as if some evil presence had departed, for the dogs frisked about and barked merrily as they made sudden darts at their prostrate foes, and turned them over and over and tossed them in the air with vicious shakes.

They drew rein to the right, and so rode in a little cloud of dust along the Strand Street towards London town, with the breeze blowing merrily, and the sunlight shining as sweetly and blithesomely as though they were riding to a wedding rather than to a grim and dreadful ordeal that meant either victory or death.

Down it came with a run, bounding along merrily towards us, and of course bringing an avalanche of other bones after it, till at last the whole pit rattled with their movement, even as though the skeletons were getting up to greet us.

Yet Periwinkle went at a good pace and the funny little carriage bumped along very merrily.

We dined merrily together, then we played at cards, and in the evening we finished reading the Pastor Fido.

He smiled, watching as she surveyed her cards, then merrily resituated them.

We got up in time to see a winged bulldog, with a tail ten foot long, bounding merrily over the turf, searching his soul for sounds to tell how scart he was, whilst a desperate bob-cat, spitting fire and brimstone, threw dirt fifty foot in the air trying to lay claws on him.

His hair, too, was burning, the pale, sunstruck flames leaping merrily.

Then, ere the sun was on the slope of the heavens, they had deftly trussed up again, and were swinging merrily upon their way, two hundred feet moving like two.

Aunt Tildy was so interested in the project of the heaven-born inventor to raise featherless turkeys that she forgot the yeast cake she had put to soak until it had been boiling merrily for some time.

Therefore he betook him to the Turk bow, and shot a leash of heath-fowl, and they supped on the meat merrily in the wilderness.

Keikano disappeared into the jungle for only a few yards before the top of a broadleaf sapling waved merrily, Chip scrambling off to help, or perhaps just to view the remains.

I will be as good a housewife and dairywoman, stir about as briskly, and sing as merrily, as Peggy Curling.

Curled into a ball, his detumescent prick merrily fucking the folds of his underwear, Evans feels the pressure surround him like a towel pulled tight, feels the matrixes of his body descend toward one another yet again.

Bridget merrily slaps on the table boiled dinners, boiled fish, cornmeal mush, Indian pudding, johnnycakes, cookies.