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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mero \Me"ro\, n. [Sp.; cf. Pg. mero.] Any of several large groupers of warm seas, esp. the guasa ( Epinephelus guaza), the red grouper ( Epinephelus morio), the black grouper ( Epinephelus nigritas), distinguished as


n. Any of several large groupers of warm seas.


Mero may refer to:

  • Patagonian toothfish or Mero
  • Mero, a member of the Epinephelus genus of fishes
  • MERO ČR, operator of the Czech part of the Druzhba pipeline
  • Mero Air
  • Mero-Schmidlin
  • Film
    • Kohi Mero
    • Mero Euta Saathi Cha
  • Music
    • Mero (band), a former music duo founded in 1999 by Simon Cowell
    • "The Mero", a song by Pete St. John
    • "Star Mero Mero Heart", a song by Masayo Kurata
    • Los Mero Meros
  • Diamond Bluff Site-Mero Mound Group
  • Mero, Dominica, a small village on the west coast of Dominica
  • Mero River
  • László Mérő
  • Marc Mero
  • Muhammad Mustafa Mero
  • Rena Mero
  • Vittorio Mero
  • Mero sanu sathi
  • USS Mero (SS-378)
Mero (band)

Mero was a British musical duo founded in 1999 by Simon Cowell. It was axed a few months later, as Cowell and RCA Records gave the girl band Girl Thing, priority over Mero.

Their lead singer, D-Mac (real name Derek McDonald), wrote Mero's only hit, "It Must Be Love", at the age of fifteen, although he was seventeen at the time of Mero's short period of fame. The other band member was Tommy Clark. "It Must Be Love" peaked at #33 in the UK Singles Chart in March 2000.

Usage examples of "mero".

If only there were some way to substitute Mero for the bondling servant that would be assigned to him for this journeythere would be one, of course.

He let the door close behind him, and hurried to his quarters, where Mero Jenner was still waiting.

Shadow, and tell him that they were going to be separated, that Mero was about to be sent to someone even more sadistic than the Clan Lord.

There, in a place where no one knew Mero, there could be a substitution.

Valyn asked anxiously as Mero pulled himself up off of the bed with a smothered oath.

That particular talent had manifested two years ago, and Mero had sharpened it with practice.

When Mero did not arrive at his destination, there mightor might notbe a search sent out for him.

It would be assumed that Mero did, indeed, pass out and fall off his horse.

In reality, Mero would be riding out on the route that Valyn was to take in the morning.

Valyn suddenly found the view out the window just as fascinating as Mero did.

Valyn glanced back over his shoulder, to see Mero plodding along, head down again.

Compared to him, his cousin Mero was little more than the shadow he was named for.

He and Mero were, if not totally helpless, certainly at an extreme handicap.

When he and Mero had been out hunting or camping, it had been in the relatively tame woods of the estate, with a dozen slaves to tend to anything they needed, and most of the comforts of being at home available to them.

More than once, Keman had shifted to his dragon-form to frighten away predators that neither he nor Mero saw or sensed in any way.