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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Merling \Mer"ling\, n. (Zo["o]l.) The European whiting.


n. The fish ''Merlangius merlangus'', endemic to the North Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea, western Baltic Sea and Black Sea.

Usage examples of "merling".

Sailors called them spears of the merling king, and knew that for every one that broke the surface, a dozen lurked treacherously just below it.

The mast, the sail, and the dead man vanished with the next high tide, leaving Davos alone on his rock amidst the spears of the merling king.

No sensible captain would ever take his ship through the spears of the merling king and risk ripping out his bottom.

Off the bow of the Merling King stretched a bare and stony strand, windswept, treeless, and uninviting.

Oswell made two more trips out to the Merling King to offload provisions.

That night Sansa scarcely slept at all, but tossed and turned just as she had aboard the Merling King.