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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Merit \Mer"it\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Merited; p. pr. & vb. n. Meriting.] [F. m['e]riter, L. meritare, v. intens. fr. merere. See Merit, n.]

  1. To earn by service or performance; to have a right to claim as reward; to deserve; sometimes, to deserve in a bad sense; as, to merit punishment. ``This kindness merits thanks.''

  2. To reward. [R. & Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"well-earned," c.1600, past participle adjective from merit (v.).

  1. deserved v

  2. (en-past of: merit)


adj. properly deserved; "a merited success" [ant: unmerited]

Usage examples of "merited".

He opened the first agenda and leafed through the pages, stopping to point out several of the entries that had merited his attention.

The Tap Inn was mostly eatery and drinkery, with five empty stalls that barely merited the title of stable, but there was an overhead loft, and another copper gained me the privilege of paying three coppers to sleep there and three more to stable Gairloch.

Like lightning the great beasts wheeled upon her, and I looked to see her torn to pieces before I could reach her side, but instead the creatures slunk to her feet like puppies that expect a merited whipping.

I can now divine, with all manner of certainty, what will be the high and merited guerdon of your immortal part.

Kafka was kind of grand vizier to Bloat and was always trying to make sure his boss got the treatment merited by his position as governor of the Rox, and not that earned by his appearance.

Obsequy of our Religion, and take upon thee a a voluntary yoake of ministrie : And when thou beginnest to serve and honour the goddes, then thou shalt feele the fruit of thy liberty : After that the great Priest had prophesied in this manner, with often breathings, he made a conclusion of his words : Then I went amongst the company of die rest and followed the procession : everie one of the people knew me, and pointing at me with their fingers, said in this sort : Behold him who is this day transformed into a man by the puissance of the soveraigne goddesse, verily he is blessed and most blessed that hath merited so great grace from heaven, as by the innocencie of his former life, and as it were by a new regeneration is reserved to the obsequie of the goddesse.

Christ by praying besought and merited His Resurrection, as man and not as God.

That their native village, or maloca, should have been invaded, their women and children carried off, was a crime that by their code merited only one punishment, and that torture and death.

He knew the miscreant richly merited the threatened retribution, and yet he wished it were not impending.

She calls Ponto an imp of the devil, and that out of revenge for his merited whippings, he and his rightful master are determined to drag her down to hell, for which reason she struggles and beats them off.

They blushed so sweetly, and looked so beautifully puzzled and confounded, that it might have been difficult for an abler judge than I was to decide how far they merited the diploma they received.

Now Paulvitch had no intention of permitting himself to fall into the hands of Tarzan of the Apes if he could possibly avoid it, and while the terrors of the jungle appalled him they were, to his mind, infinitely preferable to the certain death which he knew he merited and for which he might look at the hands of the ape-man.

Adamhill in Ayrshire, and merited the praise of rough and ready-witted, which the poem bestows.

However that may be, the stigma, merited or unmerited, had become so firmly branded upon Celestina that it could not be effaced.

Then the usual obligatory introductions and sugary compliments and aggravating politenesses, and over an hour of back and forth, of demands calmly deflected, ponderous arguments, delays requested, astonishment where none was merited, questions needing to be repeated, facts dismissed, the truth disregarded--alibis, explanations, rationalizations, excuses, all courteously delivered.