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Meritas (law)

Founded in 1990, Meritas is a professional services network consisting of a global alliance of business law firms formerly known as Commercial Law Affiliates. In 2008, the association's membership included 170 law firms in 60 countries, employing 6500 lawyers. Meritas is a non-profit corporation headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Membership is extended by invitation only, and regular recertification by all firms every three years is a requirement of membership. There is a staff of about 13 who handle the organization's administration and review referrals to ensure that the organization's standards are maintained.


Meritas may mean

  • Meritas (cloth), a brand of oilcloth and other specialist cloths
  • Meritas (education), a network of primary schools
  • Meritas (law), a network of business law practices
  • Meritas (Corporation), a Software Development, Technology consulting and Education company in Bangalore, India
Meritas (cloth)

Meritas was a brand of oilcloth first produced in 1869 by A.F.Buchanan and Sons at Montrose, New York. The company was taken over by the Standard Oil Cloth Company which then became part of the Standard Textile Products Company. The range of cloths produced under the Meritas brand was expanded to include composite cloth, leather cloth and slate cloth which were used for a variety of purposes including upholstery and trim for automobiles. In 1909, the company built the Meritas Mills in Columbus to manufacture these cloths.

Meritas (education)

Meritas is a family of for-profit college-preparatory schools that provides personalized education to more than 11,000 students across the globe. Meritas schools have more than 300 years of collective and proven experience and have educated more than 50,000 students. The ten schools within the Meritas family span three continents, and each has its own unique character while remaining rooted in the organization’s shared goals and opportunities. It is owned by Sterling Capital Partners, a private equity company.