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Instead of running for his life, he continued to stand as stiff and silent as a sentinel, watching while Merissa lifted one tempting foot and then the other, stepping out of her shorts.

And a good chance to find out just how much Merissa knew about what was really going on at LPI.

He plunged into the water, not slowly like Merissa had done, but quickly and totally, depending on the cooling water to accomplish what his mind had failed at--make him see Merissa as a possible link to obtaining the information he wanted and nothing more.

The Only information Merissa possessed about Cagan Hall had come from Jeff, except for the gossip around the plant.

Fighting off the first pangs of hunger, Merissa lifted the lid of the camp stove and lit it.

They were playthings compared to dealing with men, Merissa reminded herself as she pulled the thick, honey-cured strips of bacon apart and placed them side by side in the hot skillet.

Silence grew thick between them, but still Merissa made no move to leave.

Grabbing her straw sun hat, Merissa started down the dirt path that led to the shoreline.

Waves from a passing boat crashed against the muddy shore as Merissa stepped into the clearing by the lake.

Cagan glared at the sheriff and shot Merissa a look that would have intimidated a gorilla.

His gaze wandered all over Merissa from head to toe, stopping a lot longer on some spots than on others.

The next few miles passed in silence, leaving Merissa to her own troubled thoughts.

Staring out the window, Merissa searched her brain for the scraps of argument she had heard last night.

Chapter Four Merissa folded the newspaper and slammed it onto her desk.

Her mother had more than enough to deal with without Merissa adding to her problems.