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Meri may refer to:

  • Meri (name)
  • Meri (mythology), folk hero in Bororo mythology
  • Meri, term in shakuhachi music
  • The Meri, novel by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
  • Meri, release title of La Mer (film) in Finland
  • Meri (political party), now-defunct political party in Israel

Merì is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Messina in the Italian region Sicily, located about east of Palermo and about west of Messina. As of 31 December 2004, it had a population of 2,209 and an area of .

Merì borders the following municipalities: Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, Milazzo, San Filippo del Mela, Santa Lucia del Mela.

Meri (political party)

Meri (, lit. Rebellion, also an acronym for Mehaney Radikali Yisraeli (Hebrew: מחנה רדיקלי ישראלי), lit. Israeli Radical Camp) was a small radical left-wing political party in Israel. It was founded in the 1960s as HaOlam HaZeh – Koah Hadash by Uri Avnery, editor of HaOlam HaZeh.

Meri (mythology)

In the mythology of the Bororo people of Brazil, Meri is a folk hero and sun-god.

A crater on Saturn's moon Hyperion has been named after him.

Meri (name)

Meri is both an Estonian and Finnish surname meaning " sea" and a feminine given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Arnold Meri (1919–2009), Soviet World War II veteran and Soviet Estonian politician
  • Georg Meri (1900–1983), Estonian diplomat, writer and translator
  • Helle Meri (born 1949), Estonian actress, First Lady of Estonia 1992–2001, wife of President Lennart Meri
  • Hindrek Meri (1934–2009), Estonian statesman
  • Lennart Meri (1929–2006), Estonian politician and writer, President of Estonia 1992–2001
  • Veijo Meri (1928–2015), Finnish writer

Given name:

  • Meri Cetinić, Croatian pop singer
  • Meri St. Mary, American punk poet
  • Meri Utrio, Finnish writer
  • Meri Wilson, American singer
  • Meri von KleinSmid, American composer and sound artist

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Usage examples of "meri".

They were a boisterous bunch, except Merita, who ate in silence, a little remote from the rest.

That sharp nose smelled gossip, and she would not rest until the ferreted out every bit of information possible about Cory and Meri and then did her best to make that information known throughout Gylles and the neighboring county.

Meris had at first supposed that they must be on the Ikat road and going south, for she had been told that the pedlar would be taking her to Chalcon.

A little time later Zhena Trelu excused herself with a yawn and went upstairs to her bedroom, waving aside an offer of an escort from Kem and Meri.

Nor did she forget the night of the Rains banquet, when Meris had failed him and she herself had not.

Egwene was not about to forget who had found Selame in the first place, any more than she did who had found Meri.

Again, she had assessed Occula as a girl of exceptional style, with far more than the kind of short-term basting appeal of a beauty like Meris, and she did not mean to let her attraction burn up and blaze out like a fire-festival bonfire.

Discedentibus his breviter sua in Aeduos merita exposuit, quos et quam humiles accepisset, compulsos in oppida, multatos agris omnibus ereptis copiis, imposito stipendio, obsidibus summa cum contumelia extortis, et quam in fortunam quamque in amplitudinem deduxisset, ut non solum in pristinum statum redissent, sed omnium temporum dignitatem et gratiam antecessisse viderentur.

Catholics, a rare sect of worshipers, for they spoke reverently of a Goddess called Meris, whose son was a tortured King of Summer who sang of his love for Dynamis the Female Power of the Universe.

Goddess called Meris, whose son was a tortured King of Summer who sang of his love for Dynamis the Female Power of the Universe.

She thought of all those she had encountered, good and evil, who had gone under in that riverSencho, Sphelthon, Tharrin, Durakkon, Milvushina, Jarvil, Randronoth, Meris.

He saw both Yevlin Meris and Heather Petersen wince, and channeled his roiling temper into the fierce restrained fury of his voice.

The lords best plum tree, as Meris knew well (for his uncle was a skilled pruner of trees, and worked on them), was the old one in the middle of the garden, the only survivor of a row of plums grafted from scions of the kings garden in Finyatha.

Just arrived, smiling, at the door, familiar friends before they spoke, and Meris, glancing out to see if the heavens them selves had split open from astonishment saw, hovering treetop high, a truly vintage car, an old pickup that clanked softly to itself, spinning a wheel against a branch as it waited.