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The Collaborative International Dictionary

merging \merging\ adj.

  1. combining or mixing.

    Syn: blending, mingling.

  2. flowing together. [prenominal]

    Syn: confluent.


merging \merging\ n.

  1. The act or process of joining together into one entity.

    Syn: meeting, coming together.

  2. a flowing together (as of rivers).

    Syn: confluence, conflux.


n. The act, or the result of being merged vb. (present participle of merge English)

  1. adj. combining or mixing [syn: blending, mingling]

  2. flowing together [syn: confluent, merging(a)]

  3. n. the act of joining together as one; "the merging of the two groups occurred quickly"; "there was no meeting of minds" [syn: meeting, coming together]

  4. a flowing together [syn: confluence, conflux]

Merging (play)

Merging is a one-act play written by Charles Messina.

The play debuted at the Players Theatre in Greenwich Village on October 25, 2007, during the theater's Shortened Attention Span Horror Festival. It was voted Best Play of the festival.

Usage examples of "merging".

She might even in time become strong enough to have a tenuous mental bond with another village, as some of the Merging Selves did.

The public space was already filled with Merging Selves in communion, teachers of mindcrafts, and raucous children.

I keep thinking of the stories the Merging Ones sometimes tell, the ones about other beings who live in the sky, do you think it might be a sign from them?

Her grandfather, one of the Merging Ones, was a big dark-skinned man with thick graying black hair.

It is your character that will be tested, your ability to become a Merging One.

It was a familiar trick, but one that only the Merging Ones could do easily.

She could tell when a Merging Self was near, even when one made himself invisible by intercepting the vision of the viewer.

He lived in the world, accepting it, sure of its rightness, looking forward to the day when he would be a Merging One.

The Merging Ones sometimes told stories about large stones which had fallen from the sky long ago.

She knew she should contact the village and let the Merging Ones explore the meaning of this intruder.

She had only to pull the Net, call the Merging Ones, tell them about this strange boy.

Her parents might not see her agitation as anything other than a normal disturbance for someone of her age, but Cerwen, or any of the Merging Ones, would notice it.

Five gray-haired Merging Ones, three women and two men, sat near the water, their minds mingling, exchanging caresses and other gestures of affection as they communed.

Daiya sat next to her father, feeling the eyes of the Merging Ones on her.

She had heard only a little about her: Rilla, who was moody, who kept too many thoughts to herself, who had somehow passed her ordeal but had been unable to become a Merging One after her children were grown.