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n. (plural of mere English)


Meres may refer to:

  • Francis Meres (1565-1647), English churchman and author
  • Meres, Iran, a village in Mazandaran Province, Iran
  • Also used as English surname.

Usage examples of "meres".

Smaller print beneath announced: ‘A Product of Moldham Meres Laboratories.

He repeated the assertion by Dr Meadow at the inquest that Winge had been dosing himself with Samson’s Salad, which, Love understood, was synonymous with Lucky Fen Wort, as processed and packaged at the Moldham Meres Laboratories.

I do not need to remind you, of course, that the geriatric field is the area to which Moldham Meres Laboratories make particular contribution.

Well, I know what I should feel if we began to receive complaints at Moldham Meres that people had been taken ill after using our products.

And yet Moldham Meres Laboratories do not sell any of their products in Europe.

Forgive my being forthright—presumptuous, I fear, was my father’s word for it—Sir William Teatime, the surgeon, you know—but it did occur to me that a research grant might appropriately be made to Moldham Meres Laboratories, in view of the parallel nature of our work in geriatrics.

Several men, meres to a near certainty, sprang out the doors of the Civic Hall with guns in their hands.

It seemed as if the whole world was shooting, but the only gunmen were the three meres with Ned.

None of the meres knew where a Spider's vital organs were—the brain might not even be in the skull—but a 2-cm bolt packed enough energy to cook everything in the torso, and the least Josie's head-shots were going to do was blind the victim.

Like those of the other meres, they were stained by redeposited metal.

While he was inventorying meres hired by the Congressional side on Taprobane, he let out that while there was supposed to have been a battalion of Stammers' tanks landed in the capital to support the Presidential party and secure the spaceport, it was really only two infantry companies.

The meres following her skirted the first victim gingerly, staring with sick fascination at the creature's bloody groin.

He heard the note of the trucks behind him change as the meres driving flared to either side, ready to spread their troops in a line abreast if shooting started.

Still, it was as well that Ned had decided not to try concealing additional meres aboard the Swift.

Harlow tilted the muzzles of the tribarrel skyward, though all the meres kept watch from beneath easy smiles and gibes to one another.