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Usage examples of "merel".

Lady Merel, however, remained stony-faced, her expression faintly contemptuous as she looked at her husband.

Lady Merel asked in the stilted and insulting manner she always assumed with Barak.

There was no time for any further questions, since Garion and Merel almost had to run to keep up with Barak.

While he looked around for another horse to steal, Merel hurried out of the covert carrying what looked like an axe-handle.

As Andris turned away, lifting the makeshift weapon like a mace, Merel knelt beside the guardsman he had knocked over.

He was 133 fortunate enough to touch it with his fingers, and he clutched it with gleeful tenacity Merel Zabio let out a mighty cheer mighty enough to have brought a horde of avengers hurtling towards them had there not been so many other voices trying to out-scream one another.

He looked round as he moved into the star-shadow of the houses, and saw that Merel Zabio was right behind him.

He had ridden for hours on end, following Merel wherever she led, held firm in the grip of determination to show her that her efforts had not been wasted, and that he was a man worth saving, j He remembered getting down from the horse, and stretching himself out as carefully as ho could upon the.

He had to tilt his head back to look up into the face of Merel Zabio, who was kneeling nearby, and the effort was too painful to sustain.

Andris cleared the nib of the pen on a piece of rag, and glanced around at Merel, who was smiling in relief.

With the aid of Merel Zabio, who grabbed his left wrist and hauled while he was still using his right hand to ram the hastily furled parchment into his shirt, he somehow managed to wriggle out on to the steeply slanted tiles.

Panic nearly froze him, but Merel still had hold of his arm and was pulling him along.

By the time he got going again Merel had taken a long lead, but he scurried after her, determined to catch up.

By the time he ran out of ridge Merel was already lowering herself on to the stable roof, supporting herself by clinging to the creaking guttering.

Myrasol remained where he was, rocking back and forth as though he might fall at any minute, while Merel Zabio ran anxiously to meet him.