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a. (context mineralogy English) Describing minerals containing divalent mercury

Usage examples of "mercurian".

These amazing formations formed from nickel before the dawn of Mercurian civilization, and they are revered as holy sites.

Martian Wars even though he was Mercurian by birth, intended to witness the historic event from the start.

Prince Kemal of the House of Gavilan, heir to the Mercurian Sun Kings?

He truly felt for the young Mercurian, and not only because Buck Rogers had placed Kemal in his figurative hands before leaving to supervise Project Deepspace, a mission designed to probe the depths of the Solar System.

Kemal held in a sigh of relief at not having to debate the relative merits of Holzerhein, RAM Chairman of the Board, versus Gavilan, Mercurian Sun King.

The change girl smiled back and shrugged, bemused, as Barney pulled the Mercurian prince away.

It raised the temperature in some parts of the complex to heights that would have made a Mercurian uncomfortable and lowered it in others so that frost started to appear on the carpeting and furniture.

Gordon was a despot, but he was relatively unambitious and seemed satisfied by his role as Mercurian Sun King.

Even so, Kemal would have broken into a soaking sweat had he not been of Mercurian blood.

Kemal readied into his tunic pouch and pulled out his Class AAA Mercurian diplomatic passport.

Such passports were reserved only for the highest upper crust of Mercurian society.

The statues were cast of solid gold that had been collected from the streams of molten metal that ran like water during the hottest part of the Mercurian day.

Despite the cooling capabilities of the sun suit, the heat was like a slap in the face as Kemal climbed down onto the Mercurian surface.

The Dancers were surface nomads, continually traveling the Mercurian landscape in caravans that consisted of half a dozen to two dozen closely related families.

But the real rebuke, he knew, was that a real Mercurian would think in terms of Mercurian years.