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n. (obsolete spelling of mark English) (15th-17th c.)


Merck primarily refers to the German Merck family and three companies founded by the family, including:

  • the Merck Group, a German chemical, pharmaceutical and life sciences company founded in 1668
  • Merck & Co., Inc. (known as MSD (Merck Sharp & Dohme) outside North America), an American pharmaceutical company and a former subsidiary of the German Merck company, founded in 1891/1917
  • H. J. Merck & Co., a German bank founded in 1799

Merck may also refer to

Usage examples of "merck".

Mars missions at this time include hydrological surveys sponsored by Merck, JohnsonCo, and Werner GmbH.

Some of the big bioprospecting drug companies, like Merck which had spent years trawling the flora and fauna of Costa Rica for resources for new products, had had similar repositories impounded and shipped off-Earth, though not without bloody battles over compensation.

I'd read about dermatomyositis in the Merck Manual I have sitting on my desk at home.

Actually, it was not an average at all, but the sum of the current market value of thirty blue-chip stocks, with Allied Signal on one end of the alphabet, Woolworth's on the other, and Merck in the middle.

He had sulked for a while after Ralph spiked his vision of wallowing in pure London Merck for the rest of the day, but he accepted it as just another one of those illogical flare-ups that come with the territory.

Nicht einmal Merck kann so schnell nachziehen - und selbst wenn, müßten sie unsere Formel benutzen, oder?