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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And again events have dealt them a series of merciless blows.
▪ He had a cruel, clever, merciless face, with a big curved nose and very bright, hard eyes.
▪ He was very sweet; sweet and merciless.
▪ I have suffered as a result of this merciless hard line plenty of times myself.
▪ The furies had claws and merciless teeth.
▪ They gave Donlan the same merciless beating Clark received in Chicago.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Merciless \Mer"ci*less\, a. Destitute of mercy; cruel; unsparing; -- said of animate beings, and also, figuratively, of things; as, a merciless tyrant; merciless waves.

The foe is merciless, and will not pity.

Syn: Cruel; unmerciful; remorseless; ruthless; pitiless; barbarous; savage. [1913 Webster] -- Mer"ci*less*ly, adv. -- Mer"ci*less*ness, n.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., see mercy + -less. Related: Mercilessly.


a. showing no mercy; cruel and pitiless


adj. having or showing no mercy; "the merciless enemy"; "a merciless critic"; "gave him a merciless beating" [syn: unmerciful] [ant: merciful]


Merciless is a Swedish extreme metal band. The band was formed during the summer of 1986 in Strängnäs, Sweden by Erik Wallin (guitar), Fredrik Karlén (bass guitar) and Stefan Carlsson (drums). They were inspired by the early fast-playing bands such as Kreator, Sodom, Destruction and Bathory. First they did some local gigs as "Obsessed" and "Black Mass" but changed their name to Merciless in early 1987. A demo was recorded titled Behind the Black Door, which led to the replacement of Kåle by Rogga in early 1988. With this line-up they recorded a second demo Realm of the Dark in June 1988. This demo drew the attention of Deathlike Silence Productions - the label of Euronymous. That label released their debut album The Awakening in March 1990.

Their second album The Treasures Within was recorded in June and July 1991 but it was not released until a year later due to the mismanagement of their new label Active Records. This delay cause the departure of drummer Stipen who was replaced by Peter Stjärnvind in February 1992. In September 1993, after Scandinavian tour, they recorded their third album with Dan Swanö at the Unisound studios and was released by No Fashion Records. In 1994, the band broke up because of disillusionment with record labels, but got back together in 1995 to record the song "Crionics" for the Slayer tribute album. In 1999, their debut album was re-issued by Osmose Productions, which eventually led to the reinstallment of the band. In May 2002, they entered the studio to record the successor to their 1994 album, simply named Merciless.

Merciless (deejay)

Merciless, born Leonard Bartley 1 July 1971 in the Turner district of Chapleton, Clarendon, Jamaica, is a ragga and dancehall artist.

Merciless (EP)

Merciless is an EP released by industrial metal band Godflesh in 1994 on Earache/ Columbia. The EP was re-released along with the Selfless album as the compilation Selfless/Merciless, in 1996 on Earache. The cover is taken from the 1943 film Meshes of the Afternoon.

Merciless (Merciless album)

Merciless is the fourth album of the Swedish death metal band Merciless. It was released in 2003 after they re-united.

Merciless (disambiguation)

Merciless is a Swedish metal band.

Merciless may also refer to:

  • the quality or condition of lacking mercy
  • Merciless (Merciless album), 2003
  • The Merciless, a 2004 album by Aura Noir
  • Merciless (Most Precious Blood album), 2005
  • Merciless (EP), a 1994 EP from the band Godflesh
  • Merciless (deejay), Jamaican dancehall deejay
Merciless (Stephanie Mills album)

Merciless is the seventh studio album by American R&B singer Stephanie Mills. It was released in 1983 and Stephanie's second release on Casablanca Records. The album features two Billboard R&B hits "Pilot Error", a cover version of Prince's "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore?", and "My Body" written by singer Luther Vandross. Merciless received a nomination for Best R&B Vocal Performance, Female at the 26th Grammy Awards in 1984.

Usage examples of "merciless".

She was one of those mysterious people who always knew who and what was In and Out before anybody else did, and she could be merciless with overconfident arrivistes and insufficiently arrogant artists.

The spirit of conquest, and even of enthusiasm, was extinct: the Saracens could no longer struggle, beyond their lines, either single or in small parties, without exposing themselves to the merciless retaliation of the Thracian peasants.

If Borold had commanded the guards that day, Mirt the Merciless had slain him.

Lighter spots showed along the broad chin under a mouthful of wicked incisors that overlapped its upper and lower lips in a cruel, merciless grin.

How many times, in the merciless grinding heat of an Indian summer, lying panting under a flapping punkah that merely disturbed but could not cool the molten air, had he not yearned in imagination for the ice and frost and snow of an English winter ?

With Verlis, head of that clan, the Cade boy brought word that Raptus was a hate-filled, merciless creature, and that he was attempting to shatter the Divide and invade.

After the merciless young Turk had had six or seven of them severely flogged and two recidivists hanged on the main yardarm of Revenge, the others seemed to have gotten the message and behaved themselves for the remainder of the voyage.

With this ill-kempt sansculotte giant in front of him, he almost felt as if he were already arraigned before that awful, merciless tribunal, to which he had dragged so many innocent victims.

My schoolfellows met me with spiteful and merciless jibes because I was not like any of them.

This kick had not hurt him beyond a passing sting, whereas it placed his enemy in his merciless grasp, for by that interruption in this sacred ceremony, Kamo had broken tapu, the punishment of which was death, unless the one injured chose to interfere, the punishment and mode being entirely at his option.

Now indeed I feel how presumptuously merciless my bitter conviction of the turpitude of my own sin, has made me towards what I deemed like sins in others.

Though all were uncondemned, and most of them innocent, the whole were delivered over to the merciless authority of apostolic miscreants, who seemed to find no gratification but in the invention of new modes of inflicting misery.

Minutes ago the deserted midway was shadow-swathed and mostly undivulged, but now it was like a prison yard bathed in the merciless glare of a dozen giant arc lamps that melted all the shadows and evaporated every sheltering pocket of darkness.

Sometimes they surfaced in his words, the scars of unfought battles and unfinished deaths, merciless might-have-beens.

In men, too, the same merciless perspicacity sometimes shows itself--men recognized to be more aloof and uninflammable than the general--men of special talent for the logical--sardonic men, cynics.