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interj. (context French colloquial English) thank you

Merci (company)

Merci is a Czech company based in Slatina, Brno selling and manufacturing laboratory equipment, devices, and many other things used in laboratories, like hoods, glassware, or chemicals.

Merci also produces laboratory furniture.

Merci (Magma album)

Merci is a studio album by French progressive rock group Magma. It was released in 1984. It is usually regarded by fans as one of Magma's less successful releases.

Merci (Florent Pagny album)

Merci is a 1990 album recorded by French singer Florent Pagny. It was his first studio album and was released on May 1, 1990. The album was a success in France, where it remained in the top 50 for 44 weeks, including two weeks at #10. It was entirely written by the singer himself and contains several songs deemed as controversial at the time, such as "Presse qui roule", which is critical of press. The album provided four singles which were moderately successful in France: "J'te jure" (#16), "Ça fait des nuits" (#17), "Presse qui roule" (#24) and "Prends ton temps" (#42).


Merci may refer to:

  • Merci (company), a Czech laboratory equipment company
  • Merci (Alpha Blondy album), 2002
  • Merci (Florent Pagny album), 1990
  • Merci (Magma album), 1984
  • Movement for Citizens' Commitment and Awakening (French: Mouvement pour l'engagement et le réveil des citoyens, abbreviated MERCI), a political party in Benin led by Séverin Adjovi
  • Merci (candy), a brand of chocolate manufactured by August Storck KG
  • MERCI Retriever, a medical device used for treating ischemic strokes
Merci (candy)

Merci is a brand of European chocolate candy manufactured by the European company August Storck KG. The chocolates are manufactured as bars of differently flavored chocolate from Europe, packaged in a white box. Each flavor has its own individual color, to distinguish it from the other flavors in the box. The chocolate is sold in over 70 countries.

Merci (Alpha Blondy album)

Merci is a 2002 reggae album by the Ivorian artist Alpha Blondy.

Usage examples of "merci".

Sister Merci from Bixby, Arizona Territory, and I need a place to stay.

With someone as beautiful as Sister Merci, men would reach into their pockets for change in a heartbeat and never think of it as more than a donation and a flirtation.

It was easy to see that Merci was still upset over the loss of such a young child she thought of as an almost-daughter.

Sarah returned home late that afternoon, Lillie and Sister Merci were ready, helping to unload the wagon and get Sarah a cup of tea while she perched her feet on the footstool and discussed the day.

Merci was now being called Merci by Lillie, who said the whole name was just too much to get out every time she wanted to speak to her.

She turned, impulsively giving Merci a hug that took the young lady by surprise.

It seemed to have satisfied all the women and made Merci work all the harder for the shop.

Lillie and Merci would be home in the next day or so, and they would have more stock to display and sell.

She knew how much Merci wanted to be accepted as one of the group of social women in town.

She left out the part about Ben in her bed and Merci finding them both there, instead, telling her about her gift to Harmony.

And if Merci told anyone about finding Sarah in bed with Ben, she would have no reputation to lose.

But now that she was listening to Ben and his dismissal of Merci as a woman with needs and dreams of a husband and family, she was certain Merci was doing the right thing.

Sarah and Merci, dimly remembering her asking to be known differently, just in case this very problem came up.

Horst the history between Merci and himself was completely unacceptable.

Now that the shock was over, he realized that Merci deserved happiness just as much as the next person.