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merchant banks

n. (plural of merchant bank English)

Usage examples of "merchant banks".

He read Greats at Oxford, then worked briefly for one of the old family merchant banks in the city.

In a modest cluster of narrow streets on a slope just enough out of the city centre to have escaped the bulldozer, there still stand some three dozen large and striking warehouses, mostly built between 1860 and 1874 in a confident neoclassical style that makes them look like merchant banks rather than wool sheds, which together make up the area known as Little Germany.

There had to be more gold, Sharpe thought: gold in the cellars of London, in the merchant banks, the counting-houses, in the bellies of merchant ships.

He'll have the chairman of one of the big merchant banks with him and will be travelling on to Unst for a weekend's birdwatching.

Embassy phone calls to him concerned mostly with the activities of London merchant banks.

I thought that MacCallum, the Scots lawyer, and Jules Biscarte, the lad with the beard who owns one of the biggest merchant banks in Paris, was in with them too.

He also intended establishing associations with sympathetic and influential politicians and businessmen in the United States and the United Kingdom to promote the country's image, and to this end he had already contacted Lord Littleton, head of Littleton merchant banks, who had agreed to act as chairman of the British South Africa Club.

Until earlier that evening it had sat in a glass case in the vaults of one of London's leading merchant banks.

It says there that I just want the Department to approve a rollover guarantee of funds from one of our own merchant banks.